Friday, January 30, 2009

30X30: Day 29

Mood: 5 and holding...
Workout: 30 minute yoga DVD + five 24kg kettlebell push presses on each arm just to work the groove.
Total Time: 35 minutes
Comments: Had to knock off my workout this morning before heading to the airport and home for Atlanta to check in with the family and the beloved cardinals--my FAVORITE birds!!! Slightly sore from the 200 snatch speed reps for the troops the other night...Enjoy the Pain!
Just one more day to complete this 30 day journey and journaling. How appropriate that today I'll be working out with my five year old twins Ronnie and Cade who have been waiting for weeks to "workout with Daddy." They have been practicing their kettlebell swings, pull ups, and push whatever else they create. Cade has even learned how to jump rope. The twins are part of the solution--not part of the problem. They can already kick adults' asses on a mountain hike--at age 5! Where's your pride adults?!!! My God!
Just read a news post today that 13% of surveyed Americans have diabetes. 40% undiagnosed...some 20 MILLION now have actual diabetes! This is pathetic...and weak. Check it out yourself.
As I traveled across the country from LAX to Atlanta's Hartsfield Jackson airport, I was making some quick assessments as America enters what might be the most challenging period of time ever...I was looking for two things. Victims or survivors. I saw hundreds of people overweight, obese, and that could barely walk--many of which younger than me. Victims! I saw a few people that could throw down if a terrorist stormed into the airport and we had minutes to kick ass and save lives--survivors! So...are you a victim or survivor?
Al Corsi wrote again today from the East Coast. This guy is a survivor. He works with young athletes teaching them more than sports--but health and wellness. Margaret Daniels up in Michigan is working with her staff at a university to get fitter and healthier. Kevin Rail is throwing down in PA despite the cold--he's still hot for health! My friends in Cali are working and sweating for change. My Dad at 70 can walk away on a trail hike from many people half his age! There is a spark of hope with people that are not afraid to step up and speak out. Like Dante once wrote, "From a small spark, Great flame has risen."
In Strength, Survival, and Raging Flames of Health, Coach RJ!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

30X30: Day 28

Mood: 4-8...shift happens!!!
Workout: Slow reflective walk around apartment complex
Total Time: 35 minutes
Comments: What a day...what a month! This has been the best month I've had as a Wellcoach...with some of the biggest challenges and gut checks too. Some of the best things this month have been the result of my corporate clients changing through this 30X30 Challenge. They busted ass. They eliminated BS excuses. THEY WORKED!!! And they changed!!!
Today was high STRESS. I could feel my skin burning, nausea, fatigue. My body was off today--but my spirit STRONG. Alas, I headed 1.5 hours to LA County after work. Got to my apartment and realized I left my laptop. Got right back in the car, drove another 2.5 hours round trip to fetch and retrieve my laptop, arrived back home at 11:15 in the dark and cool breeze...and still needed my 30 minutes! This has been my closest call in over two years. I finished my workout at 11:50 PM. I was prepared to stop along the mountain pass and walk up and down the freeway if I was in danger of not getting back by 11:25...cut it pretty close tonight.
Like I said yesterday, if people need to workout, they will. NO BS. Just blue collar work ethic. You'll have to kill me to stop me. I'm a warrior. I'm fine dying for the cause if it's a death of honor. I'll take it either for the cause or dying for the cause...and for the record, it's really not about "my" cause, it's about "THE" cause which is saving what is left of this country. My mentor is Jack LaLanne. Want to understand Coach RJ? Study Jack LaLanne. He's done all sorts of feats in his career to raise awareness for THE cause. People that did not understand him (and me) pop off that it's personal ego. Bullshit! We market ourselves for the higher purpose. I'm just a temporary steward of the energy that flows through me. The energy was not created by me nor will it be destroyed. I'm just here today for a brief moment in time to take it to the highest level of good. My passionate life dedicated to fitness and health is better than dying on the couch eating junk food. Give me fitness or give me death! Coach RJ

30X30: Day 27

5x5 is all you need to stay alive and stay fit!

Mood: 7 since I'm not in a warzone with people shooting at me...I've got it EASY compared to our do most of you reading this post.

Workout: Some demo KB reps this morning with my people then tonight a KB throwdown for the troops performing a SSST of 200 reps with 16kg in under ten minutes. Followed up with some 24kg overhead lockout walkarounds, 24kg TGUs, 24kg grind sets of clean and press. Did a few deadlifts before I started to work the groove plus a few minutes of warm up tonight to get going.

Total Time: 45+ minutes

Comments: It's amazing what a person can DO when they want to WORK. My military friend wrote. I asked her how much space she had in her quarters to exercise since she wants to get my help in designing space conservative workouts. She's got a 5x5 area. Five feet by five feet. 25 square. I decided that to really understand what 5x5 is like, I needed to step off this space and use it for a workout tonight. See photo above. This is all you need to get it on. That's it!

Give me body weight and one kettlebell--I could keep busy the rest of my life! Connecting with the military has been one of the best things that happened to me as a Wellcoach and fitness pro. It has recalibrated my idea of what people really "need" vs. what they just "want" to stay in shape. For years, I've heard people say they need this and they need that...then someone writes in Iraq with 5x5 of space, body weight, and one set of dumbbells with a desire to expand with one kettlebell...and she's getting it on!

People hide behind equipment--it's just another BS excuse to be lazy and not work. There are two trends in exercise emerging. One is super high tech with computer interface equipment telling you what to do i.e. sets, reps, etc. The other is to simplify and get more efficient in terms of function and cost. You don't need more computer technology to get in shape. You need a 5x5 space and your body weight. If you want to workout and be healthy--YOU WILL. If you want to make more BS excuses and keep stalling while America continues the destructive path of epidemic obesity and diabetes--you will. I keep it simple and keep the sweat. Blue collar. NO BS. Get it on. That's it. In Strength, Coach RJ

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

30X30: Day 26

Mood: 6 which is solid and good but not great. 6 is a good baseline for me. With 6, I get solid engagement at work, feel good about my work and purpose, stay hopeful, and show gratitude. What I do is highly emotional at times--lives are at stake. I can't afford to be really "high" each day because it can take too much out of me after a while. If I'm too low and under 5 for extended periods, I lose too many people. So 6 is good. I have my really great days--but not every day. Saturday was a GREAT day. I'm still cycling down from that one I think...just normal biorhythm stuff in some ways...
Workout: Some KB demo reps this morning with my football guys then a slow walk after work tonight.
Total Time: 40+ minutes counting early morning demos and evening walk.
Comments: I wanted to run tonight--then bailed out. I'm tempted to say I got lazy, but after two straight years of working out without missing a single day, I am not lazy when it comes to working out. But I do get tired and especially towards the end of the month before I head home to Atlanta...tonight was one of those was cold. The wind was blowing. It was dark. I just walked. It was good. I'm glad I did it. Staying strong, Coach RJ!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

30X30: Day 25

Mood: 7-8 and fading a bit which is a pretty good mood...just really tired...
Workout: Threw down at Kettlebells Los Angeles Sunday Morning Line Up--basically where you'll find Coach RJ every Sunday if I'm in California. Worked on swings today, snatches, some viking push presses, and finished whipping through two laps of the circuit training...Dr. Cheng's idea of Sunday morning bliss...
Total Time: Over an hour
Comments: I love the Sunday Line Ups. Really tired today after the self defense workshop--as to be expected. My hands are still sore after all the punching and pummeling...and I ripped part of my callus off plus dropped the damn KB after Dr. Cheng said DO NOT DROP the KB! Oh well...I'm alive and well even though beaten up a bit today. Enjoy! Coach RJ

30X30: Day 24

Mood: 8-9
Workout: "Survived" my Kettlebell and martial art Comrade John Spezzano's "Defensive Essentials 101" self defense workshop by punching, kicking, elbow striking, falling, pummeling, and knee striking my ass off!
Total Time: 3+ hours during the WORK and PARTICIPATION portion of the workshop!!! Enjoy!!!
Comments: Whew! What a day! 35 of my corporate clients showed up to work with John and his crew on how to survive a violent attack instead of being a victim. At the end of the day, I was covered in sweat, tired, and had bleeding knuckles. It was a great day. Enjoying the Pain of PREPARATION, Coach RJ!

30X30: Day 23

Mood: 6-7
Workout: Did some KB demos for my football players early this morning to start the day the RIGHT way. Threw down with kettlebells in Jim Marchesini's garage tonight. Started with snatches using V02 Max 15:15 Protocol for 20:00 then did some clean and press sets standing, kneeling in-line press sets, and let Jim try the "over speed" swings...KILLERS! Enjoy!
Total Time: 40 minutes or so not counting the BSing...
Comments: Jim's 50th birthday is tomorrow. I helped him prepare by partnering up for some pre-party HARD style! What a way to celebrate 50 years on the planet--with a kettlebell. Finished by having a couple of beers, salad, and watching Pavel's Naked Warrior DVD...a classic heavy metal evening for sure. In Strength, Coach RJ!

Friday, January 23, 2009

30X30: Day 22

Mood: 5 with increasing strength!
Workout: Hit a few demo and practice reps this morning with my people--body weight stuff. Tonight, my DWU plus other extras for kettlebell exercise prep. 2:00 of 2-Arm swings with 24kg kettlebell. 200 snatch reps with 24kg kettlebell using "Minute Sets" protocol of getting 5 reps per arm at the top of each minute, rest, then repeat. Was ripping the 10 snatches in about 20-25 seconds which gave me 35 seconds of rest. Finished with two Turkish Get Ups per arm using 24kg. ALL exercises performed in RKC "HARD" style...Enjoy the Pain!
Total Time: 40+ minutes
Comments: More life crap hit today...sometimes it seems to never end! Enough was enough. Time to throw down HARD STYLE! KBs have this "brain sweep" effect like defragmenting a computer. You sweep out all the BS, get things back in order, and get back to work. There is also something cleansing about pain and HARD exertion. Lots of chemical reactions going on here with human growth hormone, endorphins, etc. I definitely felt better and had more of my warrior spirit back that "briefly" faded in and out the last couple of days--even though the BS was still waiting for me when I got back from the gym (raining today so could not do KBs at park which is my preference).
People that have not known me over the years see me fade away briefly and think I'm dead or done. NOT. I'm just rebuilding and recreating myself. The KBs have been great for this! Transformation stuff. Cleansing with HARD work and NO EXCUSES. In HARD style, Coach RJ!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

30X30: Day 21

Mood: 4-5...exhausted by tonight after a great start this morning...reserves are way too low right now...
Workout: My DWU, a few push ups, demo of a KB 24kg snatch for a few reps, and a SLOW walk again...
Total Time: 35 minutes
Comments: Life again...up and down...I wish it would "just be" sometimes, but life is in constant flux which is the way it's going to be whether I like it or not. Another night of "planned" kettlebells, but I realized I did not have the correct attitude or energy to engage with the KBs tonight after barely being able to drive home. I'm exhausted. I collapsed into the recliner! I was so tired I didn't even want to move, or eat, or talk, or do anything. I dozed in and out for a couple of hours. Duty called! The 21st day of 30 more minutes. My God I did not want to go back out! But I did. And once again, I was glad I did it. I cleared my head a little.
I'm bummed that I have not done hardly any kettlebells all week since Sunday, but I'm still alive, so can't complain. Tomorrow is another day and another opportunity. After all this spiritual growth last week--I guess it was time to be tested! My head is spinning today as I come back around...still on my feet and coming out of the corner. I'm not in a war zone like some of my friends in Iraq. No one is shooting at me--yet at least. Things are quiet here tonight. Life is okay. I'm grateful for what I have--hope. Good night, Coach RJ

30X30: Day 20

Mood: 4-5...really tired and irritated
Workout: Walk around office slowly with co-worker
Total Time: 30 minutes
Comments: Life...another body slam today out of no where. Sometimes I feel like the Rocky movies when Rocky's in the corner all bloody and trying to stagger back out into the ring ready to die for the cause. I'm okay with long as it's with honor doing what I do.
An interesting day today because I had planned to thrown down HARD with the kettlebell to shock myself back into a more lively state, but I had forgotten about buying a ticket to see country music legend George Jones. This is really funny because I'm a heavy metal guy and don't know ANY of his songs! I know this--he's a survivor. He lived through a lot of crap, and he's a master at his genre of music. It's good to see people like this I think...somehow they made it doing it their way.
Because I forgot about the show, I had no workout clothes with me since I was going to workout at home later, so all I could do was walk slowly and not get too sweaty. I threatened a co-worker into walking with me or else...which interestingly enough really needed to talk to me anyway. We both felt better after the walk. We blew off some steam together. The crap is still there, but at least we feel better about facing it tomorrow...Hangin', Coach RJ

Monday, January 19, 2009

30X30: Day 19

Mood: 4-5 but not because I'm depressed...I'm just exhausted...
Workout: My DWU + all my kettlebell shoulder warm exercises too, Tabata body weight intervals for 3 rounds equalling 12 minutes of Prisoner Squat-Box Lunge-Prisoner Squat. Finished with 5 pull ups (4 good ones...I've slipped on these since Thanksgiving), and 10 16kg kettlebell military presses per side...then I took out the garbage, but that doesn't count!
Total Time: About 35 minutes
Comments: am I tired! The "work" of spiritual growth can take a lot out of a person while putting even more's a weird equation. A series of highs has to be followed by some lows...this is just a natural rhythm. I'm old enough now to know not to fight it...just go with the flow. I need more sleep. I'll do better with this the rest of the week.
This was NOT a throw down HARD style rip it up day for the feeble but fit Coach RJ! I'm doing good just to do something. I focused on simple and slow quality tonight. Good warm up movement patterns. Clean squats and lunges even though not super high rep. Even a slower body weight workout was HARD though.
I can't believe those Tabatas! My God! They cease to amaze me. After six minutes my legs were on fire--kettlebells be damned because the Tabatas still deliver a lethal punch when QUALITY is emphasized! Amazing. Body weight only.
Speaking of body weight...I needed to do my workout tonight in my little corporate apartment. I'm helping someone on deployment in the Middle East in our military. It's better for her to just do a workout in her living quarters. I'm organizing some workout ideas for her that take very little working space. Once again, if a person wants to workout--they will. You don't need much space or any equipment to get a great workout. Six minutes of Tabata intervals and my thighs were barking!!! So not a lot of zip tonight, but I got it done. 19 down. 11 to go. 30 is the goal. Let's stay the course...hang in there baby.
Tired tonight but happy to be doing what I do to help people be WELL...Coach RJ

30X30: Day 18

Mood: 7-8
Workout: The Sunday morning "Line Up" with Dr. Cheng and my other Comrades at Kettlebells Los Angeles. Worked a lot on swings, lockouts, the RKC pull up techniques, and the killer over speed swings...ROCKERS!
Total Time: 1.5 hours counting our breaks though...
Comments: Man...I could really feel the week this morning. This has been one of the most life changing and high energy weeks of my life! MAJOR developments under way...have met some absolutely amazing messengers this week as well...people that have been all over the world and were placed in front of me at this time of my journey for a reason...people that change your life in minutes...more on this soon.
Alas, you can only go up so long before you come down. I could feel a bit of let down from the minimal sleep I've had this week and all the energy output/input/output/input. I feel some rejuvenation is in order...from a low-key perspective. Hanging on this week, Coach RJ

30X30: Day 17

Mood: 8
Workout: My DWU then went for a nice hike with my corporate clients/friends today in near 80 degree weather.
Total Time: 2.5 hours
Comments: Had a great group of people today for a hike in SoCal on the East Canyon Trail--my favorite "default" trail area when working out of Los Angeles County. Great weather, clean air, stellar views! I call this "ecotherapy" because it's more than just a physical's good for the soul. Namaste' from the Trail, Coach RJ!

30X30: Day 16

Mood: 7
Workout: My DWU and an easy walk along the bike path watching the tribal elder Ravens again...
Total Time: 35 minutes
Comments: Was really busy today--and tired. Just walked. That was plenty. Pretty basic today. Nothing fancy. Walking the talk, Coach RJ

Friday, January 16, 2009

30X30: Day 15-HALF WAY!

KB Power to the Troops!!!

This is my 15th day of The Lean Berets 30x30 NO EXCUSES New Year's Challenge! I am half way through now!

Mood: 7...with a little fading...

Workout: Worked out with my corporate clients/friends today on the kettlebells. Went through a full warm up, check form on the basics of deadlift, swings, cleans, presses, Turkish Get Ups, and Snatches. Finished with everyone doing the VO2 Max Protocol using the 15:15 time intervals for 20:00.

Total Time: Probably about 40 "actual" minutes because part of the hour I was instructing and coaching.

Comments: I haven't had much sleep the last couple of nights, so I felt a bit off tonight. Not quite the snap that I can have on certain days. My hands were sore again! I've been using heavier KBs...hands still getting used to it I guess. Nice group tonight. Really dedicated. Felt good about some nice success stories coming in today with my corporate clients doing the 30X30. Some are losing a lot of weight which surprises me...isn't the body amazing when we actually do something nice for it for a change like exercise everyday and eat well?!!! Had some whining today too--but I'll stay focused on the positive because these people are more fun and kick more butt...and y'all should know by now that I enjoy the butt kicking part. From the half way point, Coach RJ!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

30X30: Day 14

Mood: 9!
Workout: DWU twice (once at work and once at park before KBs) and kettlebells today. After warm ups, worked everything with the 24kg: 10x deadlifts, 3:00 two-arm swings (I hate this but did them anyway Dr. Cheng!), Military Press Ladders 1, 2, 3; 1, 2, 3; 1, 2, 3. TGUs in sets of 2, 2, 1 per side. Overhead lockout walkarounds for 30 yards one way. Went back and forth twice with each arm.
Total Time: About 45+ minutes I'm guessing. I forgot my watch.
My Fortune Cookie Today: "YOU ARE NEXT IN LINE FOR PROMOTION" I like this one!
Comments: Well...I had 7 truffles left. I was going to split them for tonight and tomorrow...but they are GONE!

Life is getting interesting. This wellness thing is getting popular at work and beyond! The 30X30 is really helping some of my corporate clients. I'm so pleased and proud of them. I've been making more friends in Iraq with our troops! Coach RJ has been called for duty! I am humbled to serve such brave warriors. It's an honor. More about this situation SOON!

Speaking of our military, I was not particularly zippy tonight when I went to the park. For a number of reasons, the last couple of days has been VERY emotional. I hardly slept last night. I was up until midnight working--then I couldn't sleep and had to get up at 4AM. I try to avoid that because it trashes my energy after a few days. the park tonight in the dark, I was sort of funky. I was looking at that 24kg KB dreading those swings Doc Cheng has me doing--I forced the fitness Comrades! After a couple of minutes of swinging that bad boy, the mood enhancement took over, or simply put, Enjoy the Pain! Then I started thinking that showing STRENGTH for the troops is the least that I could do that night. The "pain" of a little iron workout is nothing compared to war. Not sure if any of my Iraq friends will ever read this...but at some level they'll feel my workout tonight. Heavy metal strength--the way I like it, or don't like it, but I do it anyway. In HARD style kettlebells tonight, Coach RJ

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

30X30: Day 13

Mood: *9!
Workout: DWU, 5 reps on each arm of 16kg kettlebell military press, ran down to soccer park, ran eight 75 yard build up wind sprints, ran back to humble abode.
Total Time: 35 minutes...maybe a little more...
Comments: For the record, I'm treating myself to some chocolate truffles as I write this! I'm up to far...
I got busy again and pushed back my workout. I wanted to workout in the day but ended up running in the dark along the bike path to soccer park. Whatever...the main thing is that I do it no matter what time. Nice warm weather tonight. Literally ran into someone on the path. He was wearing total black and I simply could not see him--in a fraction of a second, he was in my face. Thank God for the kettlebells and shoulder stability because otherwise I would have face planted against his! Limited KBs today. I'm sort of sore. Major KB throwdowns the last week Comrades! Back to the Heavy Metal tomorrow, but today, and warm cruise along the path was nice. Not as winded with the wind sprints...must have been those 657 KB snatches I did last Saturday!
*I've been helping someone in the military stationed in Iraq. Some of the military over there use my website. Interestingly, this has really motivated me to become sharper, more focused, and have more positive energy. She needs some help losing weight so she can pass her upcoming fitness test. I am happy to serve. It's an honor. I'm thankful she wrote me...let's see where it leads! Optimistic today, Coach RJ!

30X30: Day 12

Mood: 9!
Workout: I spent an hour working out with Senior RKC Doug Nepodal's group at HARDCORE 360 Gym in Santa Barbara. This was a kettlebell circuit sort of class--a real workout believe me. Intense! Enjoy the Pain! Great people. Met some new friends. I'll be back--SOON! Doug is awesome of one of the top kettlebell instructors in the country. A few minutes with people like Doug go a loooong way. It was a honor and pleasure to be there with such quality people.
Total Time: About an hour.
Comments: I had a spiritual break though day today. For a number of reasons, some of which I can't or won't elaborate upon publicly in a blog, it was an amazing day. The universe is bringing me the chi and the right people because my mind is open to hearing their message and accepting the teaching. I'm surfing lines of energy more and more each day...and it's only just beginning. I was particulary stoked today because I have some military using my website in Iraq. They reached out for some help with fitness and weight loss...I reached back...lines of energy can flow between the sands of Iraq and the sands of sunny SoCal as they did today. It is an honor to do service for our military away from home. It made me happy today to help them and start some ideas flowing...
Namaste' from a really warm SoCal today, Coach RJ!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

30X30: Day 11

Mood: 8-9
Workout: The Sunday Morning Line Up with Dr. Mark Cheng and Kettlebells Los Angeles.
Total Time: Over an hour, but we don't workout the whole time because Dr. Cheng is teaching. We listen--then execute--then listen--then execute. It's a perfect format. This is a group of people that WILL DO the work when no one else is looking next week. So the Sunday Line Up is not really about getting a "workout" as much as it is about learning how to do your workout later SAFELY without anyone else looking over your shoulders (shoulders with HARD STYLE lat lock I must add!!!). Today we worked on swings a lot, locking lats, and snatches with perfect form.
Comments: Any day with a bunch of RKC kettlebell Comrades is a good day and especially when down in Santa Monica with Dr. Cheng and KBLA. Today was great. Two of my friends came down with me--Jim Marchesini and Tyler Saso. Tyler and I were sore from yesterday's major KB throwdown and could feel the fatigue--but it's all good. There is never a day with KBLA when I don't bring major learning back to my family and clients. Great stuff. Y'all should join us!!!
From a Sunny & STRONG SoCal today, Coach RJ!

30X30: Day 10

Mood: 8-9
Workout: A mind-blowing kettlebell interval workout! Yet another PR. So far, 2009 has started with a serious BANG regarding strength and power Comrades! All KB exercises performed today with a 16kg.
  • DWU
  • Deadlifts 10x1
  • 2-Arm Swings 20x1
  • VO2 Max Protocol (15:15)
  • SSST (5:00)
  • My friend and colleague Tyler Saso came down today to help me organize a new kettlebell conditioning program for our collegiate football project which starts in a couple of weeks. Tyler's great and gets me pumped to get it on. We get BUSY when we throw down with KBs!!!
  • 40 minute kettlebell interval workout today. For 35 minutes straight, I did 7-8 reps per 15 second set with the overhead snatch, rested 15 seconds, then did another 7-8 snatch reps with other arm, rest, repeat, etc. The last 5:00 from 35:00-40:00 was non-stop snatches without any rest period. I got 111 snatches the last 5:00. I was getting 8 reps about 80% of the time and 7 reps about 20%. FELT GREAT! 40 minutes of KB intervals? NO problem.
Total Time: 55 minutes
Comments: I simply cannot believe the kettlebell at times. My progress just since New Year's has been nothing short of amazing! The key to my KB progress is my mentors--and my work ethic. I've had a history as an athlete and student finding the BEST people I can find--then learning from them. I get the facts--and do what I'm told. I do the work--after I find out what I need to work on. My KB mentors are no exceptions. Without them, I would have been hurt, or at the minimum, would be flopping around with inefficiency. It's extremely important with KBs to have "HARD STYLE" because this is SAFETY first and high-efficiency without exception. Enjoy...Coach RJ!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

30X30: Day 9

Mood: 5-6. Better mood today after a crash yesterday. Better attitude.
Workout: My DWU plus an easy walk along the bike path.
Total Time: 30 minutes
Comments: I felt better today, but just was too busy to do anything else but walk. I also did not want to expend any extra energy beyond the easy walk because I have a big workshop tomorrow and other stuff going on. I didn't really want to do two easy walks in a row, but that's just how it worked out. It's all good as long as I'm getting my 30 minutes. I'll try to make up for it tomorrow because I have a MASSIVE kettlebell workout planned. Keeping it simple today, Coach RJ

Friday, January 9, 2009

30X30: Day 8

Mood: 3 (if that!)
Workout: All I had today was a slow walk...barely. I got slammed with a bunch of personal stuff. Everyone has personal stuff days. This was another for me. Life is hard. I don't care who you are, how much money you have, or what your level of education. It is what it is. The rest is our attitude I think.
Total Time: 30:22!!! (.22 too long!)
Comments: So as life goes, I went from flying high to dive bombing. I did not feel like picking up the stupid kettlebell today (hands are still sore!), or riding my bike, or moping down to the gym, or doing much of anything first. But, as usual, I did it anyway. My "default" workout is just a slow walk. Easy pace--nothing more. Not even moderate. How Zen! From hard core kettlebells yesterday to slowly walking today...the yin-yang of soft-hard. When I do these default "minimum" days, I rarely go over 30 minutes. I did an about face turn around exactly at 15:00:00 today. I had nothing more...
Interestingly, after some 24+ months of daily exercise without missing a single day, something shifted today mentally. For the first time ever, I started looking forward to my walk because I knew it was going to be my "release" from the stressful BS of the day. While I knew that I would feel better after I did all the other workouts the last two years, I never really felt like doing them before like I did today. BEFORE I ever walked, "the thought of walking" changed my attitude. I had to run a couple of errands before my walk. I found myself pleasant and light to people. It would not be fair for me to displace "my crap" on them. I had not even walked yet, but the walk had already worked! What was weird is that after the physical walk, I did not feel any better than I had "before" the walk. Here's the closing point--my "feeling better" all occurred prior to the walk beginning.
I'm still trying to figure all this out. It's interesting. Even for me after 700+ straight days of exercise, "Shift Happens."
Feeling better and staying the course for the 30X30 Comrades! Coach RJ

Thursday, January 8, 2009

30X30: Day 7-ONE WEEK!

This is my 7th day of The Lean Berets 30X30 NO EXCUSES Challenge. One week down--three more to go!
Mood: 7-8. I have been completely inspired by my corporate clients passion to change with the 30X30 Challenge. Tonight, I took their energy into my own workout and gave it back to them.
Workout: 24kg kettlebell workout tonight which is 53 pounds of solid iron. 10 minutes of warm up. 10 deadlifts. 2:00 of two-arm swings. 200 snatch reps using "Minute Sets" which is doing 5 reps with each arm on the top of each minute then resting until the next minute begins, repeat, etc. I did 20 minutes of this so 20x10=200 reps. 200x53 pounds=10,600 pounds of single arm vertical pull...not a bad night for a guy 49 years old YOUNG. I was not going to do this much work, but needed to kick out some "chi hits" back through the universe to my clients...I bow to their determination to make it happen.
Total Workout Time: 50 minutes
Comments: I was sort of stunned somewhat driving back in the dark from work. I think this has been the most intense week of Wellcoaching that I have had in over a year. It's intense when people are fighting for their lives back. The stakes are high. There is urgency. I have been so moved by what I have felt from these people...there have been tears, laughs, and some serious gut checks going on. I was done with "foo foo" fitness a long time ago. This is for real. We are playing for keeps now. The luxury of time and waiting are OVER--in America and with many of my 30X30 clients. Major throw downs are they should be.
I don't manage time anymore--I manage energy. I work along lines of energy...following the flow. This week, these brave souls have come for help with positive energy to change. I flipped the power switch and gave the positive energy back. Like attracted to like. Fitness warriors of all shapes, sizes, and levels of ability. What is important to me is that they are ready for CHANGE and ACTION. NO BS. This is where I am at my best with people. Getting it on. Making it happen. NOT waiting anymore for further decay and disease. Stay the course my fitness friends. I'll see y'all on the other side. Encouraged in Cali today, Coach RJ!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

30X30: Day 6

Mood: 7. I was sort of funky after another frenzied day of e-mails. Anticipating another cold wind day thinking I'd banish myself to the indoor Spin bike tonight, I went out and it was almost warm like spring. I had to throw down--OUTSIDE!
Workout: My DWU + ran down to soccer park. Did 8 build up wind sprints about 80 yards each, ran back at easier pace. Walked the last couple hundred yards to relax.
Total Time: 35 minutes
Comments: I often tell my clients and readers that exercising outside is "ecotherapy." Research indicates that if you do identical workouts, one inside and one outside, that you'll be in a significantly better mood if you exercise outside. Today was great in Santa Clarita Valley which is in North Los Angeles County. Clean air. Sunshine. Felt around 60 degrees. A great day to be alive and running down the trail!
The wind sprints are always interesting--especially at 40+ years old. VERY few people my age can "sprint" a few feet let alone hundreds of yards. It is so child-like and invigorating to sprint. It really is a great feeling. I love the "build up" sprints because they flow into the sprint then taper out. I build up speed for 20-30, sprint for 20, then taper off. Walk a few yards then right before I feel totally recovered hit it again. It's just a wonderful feeling of youth to sprint. More people should get in good enough shape to do it. I've never been a fast twitch real "sprint" person, but I can still pick it up and throw it down okay.
I ran with my iPod shuffle attached to my visor. I love this thing. It has enhanced my mood and workouts a lot. I don't always use it, but I really enjoy music. Music can be a good mood tool. My tuneage? Heavy. Speed metal. Go figure.
As I finished to a setting SoCal sun, I know I'm still getting better, faster, and stronger each week. Completely opposite to about 80% of Americans...or more. It doesn't have to be that way. To each their own. THEY decide. YOU decide. Whatever YOUR choice and your health path...pain or pleasure...Enjoy! Coach RJ

30X30: Day 5

Mood: 6-7. I was encouraged today by all the great feedback coming from my corporate clients taking the 30X30 Challenge! They are doing so well and getting really creative about fitting in the fitness. I can feel them changing by the day. I think it's going to stick with them the rest of the year and they'll be exercising 5-6 days per week after January.
Workout: Did some circuit training with my corporate clients tonight. Worked on body weight exercises and kettlebells.
Total Time: About an hour I think...
Comments: I wanted to workout on my own earlier in the day but got into an e-mail frenzy with work stuff. I HATE working out late at night after I get home at 9-10 PM! So, I opted to workout with my work people. Sometimes I "train" them or "coach" them, but sometimes I just workout with them trading reps and sweat. I think this is good sometimes. I like to watch them do what they know how to do. That is the real capacity--people doing things on their own. Whether I am there or not, there is now a core group of exercise folks at work that WILL do what they need to do. This is encouraging. There is hope. And I hope this messages continues to grow like a pebble in the proverbial pond sending ripples (or sometimes WAVES) further and further away with more reach.
Staying FIT! Coach RJ

Monday, January 5, 2009

My New Year's Day KB Workout

I have posted my kettlebell workout performed on New Year's Day 2009. For me personally, the only way to start 2009 was with a new personal strength and power record using a kettlebell!!!
My original goal was 100 24kg snatches. In mid-December, I was already at 115. I readjusted my New Year's goal to 125 snatch reps. I got 130 in under 8:00. Next stop--150.
Here's the proof. Heavy Metal it should be.
There are many wellness coaches and health "professionals" that do not workout. I AM NOT ONE OF THEM! In HARD style, Coach RJ!

30X30: Day 4

Mood=5-6. I'm sad today yet enthusiastic about all the plans in 2009 and all the people I will be helping to get healthy and fit. My family is upset because I'm on the road. But alas, it would not get any better by not working out, so I proceed to work out my "mood therapy" with movement because this is what I do. Traveling is hard. I'm rarely in a "great" mood flying across the country with all its hassles...I just get through it.
Workout: I did my DWU in the morning before heading to the airport just to loosen up before a LONG day of sitting back to LAX. After a slightly longer flight, got back to apartment and dumped off baggage, hit my favorite grill for veggie and chicken pasta, then hit the bike path in a brisk and cool wind to walk for 30 minutes at a normal/casual pace. I was really tired...dizzy from the long travel and all the hassles of airports and traffic. A walk was plenty. I did not want to do it. I wanted to go to sleep--but I FORCED the fitness and felt glad I did.
Total Time=35 minutes.
Sleepy in SoCal, Coach RJ

Saturday, January 3, 2009

30X30: Day 3

Workout: Dynamic Warm-Up for 10 minutes. Strength training for 30 minutes. Used EZ Curl Bar for some old-school bicep curls supersetted with DB flat bench chest press. About four sets of each at moderate intensity. Not very heavy on EZ Curl. Used 55s and 65s for sets of 10 on chest press with relative ease. Did a few KB roll back then stand up things...whatever they are called. Did 5 reps on each side of KB arm bars for shoulder health. "Attempted" some crunches on floor but twins kept jumping all over me, so I abandoned that idea. Finished with a few more Z sits--I love these things for hip mobility and low back health! I rarely do any Olympic lifts anymore since getting into kettlebells. They are a waste of time compared to kettlebell training, but nonetheless, sometimes I'm just in the mood to do them. I have done this stuff for so long it's like comfort food at times albeit's all good I guess as long as you do whatever you do well...and you keep doing it!!!
Comments: Kind of funky today. SORE from two HARD days of KBs. I'm flying to California tomorrow, so I'm taking it easy, spending time with family, watching the Falcons in the playoffs...GO ATLANTA FALCONS!!! Saving some energy for the LONG journey tomorrow back to LA. That's about it today...more than enough to get my 30 minutes again! Yahoo! Day 3 down; 27 to go! Mellow in ATL, Coach RJ

30X30: Day 2

Mood=7 to 8. Anytime I'm heading to Delaine Ross' Kettlebell gym in Atlanta, I'm in a great mood. Plus I love downtown Atlanta. It makes me happy. The coolest people are in downtown Atlanta. Very smart, educated, engaging. Enjoy!
Workout: In the 7PM class, we did 30 minutes straight of the KB VO2 Max Protocol using the 15:15 intervals. Prior to the workout, I did about 10 minutes of dynamic warm-up movements to get ready. Total workout time=40 minutes.
Comments: I was pretty fried by this evening prior to the workout. I've been really busy on my new Health e-News! Hours and hours at the computer...frantically trying to finish it before heading out on the road for another 3+ weeks is hard, but again, I really needed not only the activity for fitness but the release for stress. It is SO important to do something EVERY day because we all sit too much these days...myself included.
Quote of the Day: "Better to wear out than to rust out!" --Jack LaLanne
From a wet ATL today, Coach RJ!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

30X30: Day 1

I'm taking The Lean Berets 30X30 New Year's Challenge again. I'll be doing an exercise blog for each of the 30 days to let you know what mind games I play with myself daily to force the fitness. Each day, I'll rank my mood from 0-10. 0=Almost Dead (hopefully that will not be listed!) to 10=Best Day of my Life!
What is interesting is that a lot of days my mood is only okay--not good enough to jump right into exercise, but again, I FORCE the fitness anyway! Travel schedule and jet lag be damned because without the daily exercise--I'm even worse off! So here it goes:
Day 1: Mood=Solid 7 today. I was pumped about The Lean Beret launch and was pounding my e-News until late last night.
  • I told a lot of people at work that I would hit 100 kettlebell snatch reps in a row with my 24kg KB to mark yet another PR. Well...I didn't get the 100 reps Comrades, but I did get 130 in around 8:00! The whole workout plus my warm up took around 18 minutes which meant I was still short 12 minutes!
  • I then took my wife and twins to Stone Mountain State Park outside of Atlanta. We go there often. It was chilly, clear, and sunny. We hike the summit trail. Round trip about 2.5 miles. It takes around an hour with the twins who are only five (but already leaving out of shape adults in their dust).
  • I exceed my 30 minutes today--no problem. Got my HARD CORE power PR with the kettlebell then the soft style family hike too. It was all good. Glad to be alive and helping y'all with simple solutions for complex issues facing Americans today.

Starting the New Year on DAY 1 with STRENGTH and POWER as it should be, Coach RJ!