Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Inside My Head...and Bike.

I'll let you inside my head--into the stream of consciousness of a champion cyclist.
I decided to start riding my road bike more. Got it down today...can't remember the last time I was on the road since I usually opt for my MTB these days...damn the road bike is unforgiving on my ass despite the carbon fork! I don't like the road much anymore--haven't for years. Funny--I used to live for and on my bike spending thousands of miles per year training and racing in all sorts of weather and conditions...tonight it's a struggle to pedal over the bridge down to the boulevard where I searched for a hot lap course--or warm lap course considering my "bike legs" currently...I opt for the favorite spot which I have not visited for months near I-5 in Santa Clarita Industrial Park...two hard rights with a sweeping curve and only one hard stop...about 2:00 or so around the whole loop...more tonight though...I ride to ride tonight. Heart rate, cadence, watts, %s of output, voltage, or whatever else they are using today doesn't mean shit to me--it simply doesn't matter. All that matters is that I ride. The mind of a champion--from the past. It's hard for someone like me to ride at all because I'm immediately a marked man...even with my feeble bike legs, I still look like I can race tomorrow, so anyone with any sort of bike fitness wants to knock me's hard to friggin' relax! The road bike has a higher profile than my MTB...I settle in's like an old friend--sort of. Off the stop sign out of the saddle getting up to speed then right over the gutter always full of water watching my line so I don't spin out then around the sweeping right towards the T intersection where no stop sign is posted so it's a traffic check and go then down to the hard right with stop sign where I do a quick stop barely enough to be legal...then 'round again. I spin it for 30 minutes--my goal. Another 10+ each way to and from...about an hour on the road...not too bad I guess.
Coming back through the market parking lot I pull up to the crosswalk. There is a family--two obese parents and their normal weight child. Hell the Dad is morbidly obese--it is what it is. The kid jogs across to clear the busy traffic. The Dad waddles because he is too fat or too lazy to run...what I caught more than the visual was his comment to his son..."Don't worry. We have good lawyers." Interesting. I felt like asking him, "Do you have a good mortician too that carries supersized coffins in case you stroke out?!" The American way man...sue with lawyers. It's always someone else's fault isn't it?
So tonight I rode...thought...listened to crosswalk comments, and spun away my chest pains from the stress of trying to save America from its "appetite for destruction." Spinning in LA, Coach RJ

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fat Foods Back in Schools!

I'm livid today--f'ing pissed! National media is breaking on increasing food costs pushing schools to return to selling "fat" foods so they can make money instead of offering healthier foods to our obese and unfit youth. Apparently, the healthy foods cost more money, and the soda and junk food crap can be sold with profits. What about our failing national health? How much is that costing us?! And our schools?! I simply cannot believe this absolute stupidity--it's total bullshit! Since I'm offended by this, it's time to go on the offense again. There are a few people in this country willing to step up for today's children and their health--I'm one of them! Putting more junk food into our schools and children is shameful and WRONG! There is no justification good enough to make SHIT smell like health--NONE!!! Heated in SoCal, Coach RJ!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Costco Exit-One Foot From the Grave

So, I finally got to Costco today after work for my seeds, nuts, and precious V8 I'm leaving, I check out all the friggin' obese people eating the crap food. Greasy-assed pizza, supersized dogs, you know the story. I look over to the other side of the aisle, and there were caskets on display. I had just been wondering what the universe was telling me today with the fat people eating fat food literally killing themselves--then the caskets told the whole story. These people were eating food on one side of the aisle that was going to put them in the caskets right on the other side! Hell, they might has well just finished the crap and jumped right in! I wonder if they could order take out one last time before the dirt hit the lid?!!! Would this be "take DOWN" pizza? The mentality of people amazes me sometimes. One guy was so fat he barely fit onto the stool, yet he was pounding down a dog...I wonder if he saw the caskets like I did, and I wonder if he thought about them?....Rollin' hard this week, Coach RJ