Monday, December 31, 2007

Health and Kids

We went hiking the other day on Stone Mountain outside Atlanta. It's not long but pretty steep. My twins are 4 1/2 now and can hike the whole 1.25 miles on their own to the summit. My daughter Ronnie simply amazed me yesterday as she literally ran up much of the steep grade. She was so excited about being a "good hiker." I'm realizing that both Ronnie and Cade are really getting this whole health thing now. They intellectually understand that eating healthy foods and exercising is good for their bodies and health. Ronnie told me on the hike that eating zucchini makes her fast--I'm going to quote her on that one! It's so rewarding to see them developing with great health behaviors. They are healthy, lean, and very fast. When they go to parties or school functions, they can eat less healthy choices but choose to eat fruit instead of the donuts and candy. Don't tell me little kids don't understand health and fitness! Give them a try. You might be surprised. We are forged by fitness. Are you? I finished my last day of exercise today--number 365. I never missed a day all year. Tomorrow, I start all over again! I have learned that exercising every day is better than sitting around taking days off. If I want to rest, I'll just go for a walk, but I'm going to keep moving. Not going to the Peach Drop in Atlanta this year, but we'll be out closer to home in the 'Burbs of NE Atlanta. I hope y'all have a Health New Year. A lot of depends on you. Make it happen. Coach RJ.

Saturday, December 29, 2007


I'm sore as hell today. I kicked my own ass the other day with Tabatas and Olympic squats! Actually, this is a good thing. I wanted to start the New Year "feeling it" rather than rusting away. There is nothing wrong with being sore. I'll push myself a bit further with soreness levels than a typical client; however, if you are not sore once in a while, there is probably not much happening differently that would promote improvement rather than maintenance. Don't be afraid to push it a bit. If you need inspiration, come back to Jack LaLanne that says, "Better to wear out than to rust out!" Still pushing, Coach RJ!

Friday, December 28, 2007


I had a weird dream last night that I was flying in an jet fighter plane with Jonathon Davis the lead singer for wild would that one be?! We took off from his place near Malibu. When he accelerated, we hit 18,000 MPH in about 2 seconds...there was this lull as if time was trying to catch up with our acceleration. Then we went back and picked up my brother and took off again. A 3-seater fighter plane no less! Craziness. Then I awoke worrying about money. Today we went to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. We had lunch. I looked down the tables at what families were eating. It is so bad. No colors. Mostly fried and very processed. It's sad. More than enough information on health and news on obesity--and people still either don't get it or don't care. So, what were the Joneses eating you ask? For our family of four including 4-year old twins Ronnie and Cade we had: 3 bananas, 2 yogurts, PB&J for Cade, Mac and cheese for Ronnie, turkey breast sandwiches on whole wheat with no mayo for me and Candas plus a round of waters for all. Not bad for an outing meal on the go. The others? Nothing worth trying with my family. Alive and well in the South today, Coach RJ.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Strength & Hibernation

Well...I went from hitting an all-time bench max last week to hibernation this week at home in Atlanta. Last week I put up 85 pound DBs on my final set. Started off with a warm-up set of 65s then up to 70s, 80s, and finishing with a 4-rep set of 85s. Pretty good for a 165 pound enduro athlete. This last week I haven't done much more than walking around the neighborhood for my basic 30-minute minimum until today. Wife Candas insisted upon me working her butt off in the gym--and mine. Nothing like a wake-up call with 3 rounds of Tabatas! I was sore after only 8 minutes. The good news? I'll be sore before New Year's Day! Nothing wrong with being a little sore--better than being dead or rusting away. Looking forward to a New Year's Day run around Stone Mountain in Atlanta to mark the end of my 2007 journey to exercise every single day for at least 30 minutes--I'm going to make it! 365 and still alive! From A-Town, Coach RJ.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Mobility & Speed

I was out and about the other day in public, and I was struck with the amount of mobility problems people had simply moving around. I couldn't believe how many people were hobbling around, struggling to get out of their friggin' cars, barely able to step and down, etc. It's a crying shame! I am absolutely stunned at times at what is going on in this's really a shame because most of it can be prevented with just a few minutes of exercise per week and some reasonable eating! On a more upbeat note, I interviewed my wellness Bro Kevin Rail today for my January newsletter. I got so pumped about the pending interview that I blazed a new PR on my MTB course! I haven't even been on a bike in about 10 days and was thinking I'd be slower--but was 2 minutes faster clocking a 1:28. Must have been the MAJOR chi hit from Rail's incredible energy for common sense non-PC health! God knows we can use more of that message! Might even help a few of those folks above that can barely walk from lack of exercise and healthy food! Keepin' it real and Railin' today with Kevin, Coach RJ!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Z Fast Lane...

I'm flying this week! My God...the pace of life today is too much at times. Finishing my new DVD this week on the RJ protocol for some righteous lactate threshold warrior training I've developed for college football and other athletes or people needing to kick some serious ass. It's been about 4 years in the making of my system, but it is working very well and adjustable at many levels. Should be interesting to some and mind blowing to others. Stay tuned on that one. Had some breakthroughs this week that were nice--clients, business, etc. Hit my bench max of all freakin' time this week dudes! Feeling good about it. Makes me think of Jack LaLanne's, "Any stupid ass can die. You have to work at living!" I'd say there are a lot of people in this country not working much based on that view--and pretty damn stupid if you logically think about what they are eating and doing to their bodies by refusing to get with the program...oh's their life--and death if they choose. Workin' it this week bigtime from my end, Coach RJ!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

RJ Fitness myspace!!!

I finally got the RJ myspace account operable today after a year of messing around with it. I hired my graphic artist to finish it. Got a few more updates to make before New Year's. I'd like it to be a fun place--straight up chi--shaken and not stirred in classic RJ style if y'all know what I mean. Just keepin' it real baby--that is all. Check out the new RJ myspace @ Been ripping the gym lately. At my all time max bench and row marks now. Taking a shot at putting up a set of reps with 75 pound DBs next week when I get with my workout bud Lucas in Paso. Current max sets are 70s @ 12, 10, 6, 4 reps. I've never even attempted 75s. Doing 15-20 reps with 55s and 25 reps with 50s, so 75s should go if I get them off my chest in the roll off. Football is over for me this year...kind of strange now. My boys lost the playoff game last week...oh well. From a windy and cold LA today, Coach RJ!

Monday, December 3, 2007

On the road...

In Washington DC early this week presenting at a health conference. Travel has been wild this last week! Flew out to LA to see Van Halen on Thursday and see my football team play. We finally lost! 12 victories in a row this year, but we lost the playoff game to Mt. Sac College...oh well. They were fit for the task--I made sure of that, but despite all the months of mental skills training with them, the damn game still game down to sport psychology and some of our guys dropped this ball and tanked. We got beat--a lot of it we did ourselves. I tried. Some of the guys were in the Zone--but not enough. Then back to ATL for a layover last night before heading out to DC for a friggin' 2.5 hour holding on the runway to get fuel at Dulles before heading over to RR airport...too much flying this week! Back across to LA Wednesday night! I did my workout yesterday while waiting for the next flight in ATL. Walked for 30 minutes dragging around my luggage switching arm positions every five minutes. By the end of the 30 minute "airport" walk, I had sweat running down my face and down my butt, so it was worth while! NO EXCUSES! As my Bro Steve Ilg says, "Your workout is everywhere!" Got legs? Use them. From the Capitol this week, Coach RJ