Saturday, December 15, 2007

Mobility & Speed

I was out and about the other day in public, and I was struck with the amount of mobility problems people had simply moving around. I couldn't believe how many people were hobbling around, struggling to get out of their friggin' cars, barely able to step and down, etc. It's a crying shame! I am absolutely stunned at times at what is going on in this's really a shame because most of it can be prevented with just a few minutes of exercise per week and some reasonable eating! On a more upbeat note, I interviewed my wellness Bro Kevin Rail today for my January newsletter. I got so pumped about the pending interview that I blazed a new PR on my MTB course! I haven't even been on a bike in about 10 days and was thinking I'd be slower--but was 2 minutes faster clocking a 1:28. Must have been the MAJOR chi hit from Rail's incredible energy for common sense non-PC health! God knows we can use more of that message! Might even help a few of those folks above that can barely walk from lack of exercise and healthy food! Keepin' it real and Railin' today with Kevin, Coach RJ!

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