Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Z Fast Lane...

I'm flying this week! My God...the pace of life today is too much at times. Finishing my new DVD this week on the RJ protocol for some righteous lactate threshold warrior training I've developed for college football and other athletes or people needing to kick some serious ass. It's been about 4 years in the making of my system, but it is working very well and adjustable at many levels. Should be interesting to some and mind blowing to others. Stay tuned on that one. Had some breakthroughs this week that were nice--clients, business, etc. Hit my bench max of all freakin' time this week dudes! Feeling good about it. Makes me think of Jack LaLanne's, "Any stupid ass can die. You have to work at living!" I'd say there are a lot of people in this country not working much based on that view--and pretty damn stupid if you logically think about what they are eating and doing to their bodies by refusing to get with the program...oh's their life--and death if they choose. Workin' it this week bigtime from my end, Coach RJ!

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