Monday, December 31, 2007

Health and Kids

We went hiking the other day on Stone Mountain outside Atlanta. It's not long but pretty steep. My twins are 4 1/2 now and can hike the whole 1.25 miles on their own to the summit. My daughter Ronnie simply amazed me yesterday as she literally ran up much of the steep grade. She was so excited about being a "good hiker." I'm realizing that both Ronnie and Cade are really getting this whole health thing now. They intellectually understand that eating healthy foods and exercising is good for their bodies and health. Ronnie told me on the hike that eating zucchini makes her fast--I'm going to quote her on that one! It's so rewarding to see them developing with great health behaviors. They are healthy, lean, and very fast. When they go to parties or school functions, they can eat less healthy choices but choose to eat fruit instead of the donuts and candy. Don't tell me little kids don't understand health and fitness! Give them a try. You might be surprised. We are forged by fitness. Are you? I finished my last day of exercise today--number 365. I never missed a day all year. Tomorrow, I start all over again! I have learned that exercising every day is better than sitting around taking days off. If I want to rest, I'll just go for a walk, but I'm going to keep moving. Not going to the Peach Drop in Atlanta this year, but we'll be out closer to home in the 'Burbs of NE Atlanta. I hope y'all have a Health New Year. A lot of depends on you. Make it happen. Coach RJ.

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