Friday, December 28, 2007


I had a weird dream last night that I was flying in an jet fighter plane with Jonathon Davis the lead singer for wild would that one be?! We took off from his place near Malibu. When he accelerated, we hit 18,000 MPH in about 2 seconds...there was this lull as if time was trying to catch up with our acceleration. Then we went back and picked up my brother and took off again. A 3-seater fighter plane no less! Craziness. Then I awoke worrying about money. Today we went to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. We had lunch. I looked down the tables at what families were eating. It is so bad. No colors. Mostly fried and very processed. It's sad. More than enough information on health and news on obesity--and people still either don't get it or don't care. So, what were the Joneses eating you ask? For our family of four including 4-year old twins Ronnie and Cade we had: 3 bananas, 2 yogurts, PB&J for Cade, Mac and cheese for Ronnie, turkey breast sandwiches on whole wheat with no mayo for me and Candas plus a round of waters for all. Not bad for an outing meal on the go. The others? Nothing worth trying with my family. Alive and well in the South today, Coach RJ.

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