Monday, November 5, 2007

My Newsletter!

I finally kicked out my first e-Newsletter today. My God...I thought that thing was going to be the death of me at one point! I'm going to have some fun with it though--just keeping it simple and straight up like I do best. Technology can be frustrating. Months of dealing with it then I couldn't get the sign up icon to work correctly. I got plenty of the CCC (convoluted cryptic crap), but to no avail. The newsletter company couldn't help me. When I tell people to keep it simple, it stumps them. It's simple. I can't get my button to show on my site; therefore, most people won't know about my new newsletter! While I'm no techno geek by any means, I'm also not a complete tech moron. I have to think that if I'm struggling this much, so are a lot of other people. My affiliate programs are the same way. They are so complicated with the HTML coding into the product icons that I don't even hardly participate. It shouldn't be that damn complicated. I don't think technology has made things that much better--worse in terms of stress I think. I was longing for the old school pencil and rotary dial phone today! You can sign up for my Health e-News here. Teched out for the day, Coach RJ

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