Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Functional Movement Screen Kit Bag

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Kit is a nice system for fitness specialists, but it’s a pain to carry around especially if you are loading it into a car over and over—and expensive to replace if damaged.  I spent months trying to find a good bag or case system, and nothing fit well.  I finally found a tool bag that fits the FMS perfectly—like a glove!  At only about $50, the bag is also reasonably priced compared to snow board or ski bags that are too bulky and far more expensive.
DeWalt makes this bag for shop tools,
but we now know it’s really the perfect FMS Kit carrying case!

Internal Velcro straps secure the kit from falling out.  The bag also has a webbing handles, shoulder carrying strap, and small Velcro pouch on outside for personal belongings.  The zipper works well without sticking.  The bag construction is sufficient for the lightweight FMS Kit.  Save your kit from damage and save money—buy this bag, and keep your kit covered!

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Rafael said...

Thank you, that's very helpful! I've been looking for a bag to transport the FMS test kit myself, and your post saved me a lot of time researching different options. :-)