Sunday, September 9, 2007


You know I've caught a lot of crap for doing what I believe in over the years. I do what is best for American wellness--period. It's not always popular or politically correct. This method has NOT always been the best career move. In fact, it has literally cost me thousands of dollars and financial security; however, I have pressed on for what I believe in, and finally things are coming around and "fast" (about time after 10+ years!). Before I moved to Atlanta, the local high school district in Cali wouldn't even give me an interview as a Health/PE instructor despite all my credentialing. When I moved at Atlanta, after a whole year of trying to find a good teaching job, the best offer I had was sharing a freakin' trailer and half day English teaching job with another teacher. Not ONE of the Georgia coaches or admininstrators would let me help the PE or sport programs. Last night, the California community college football team I've been working with since 2004 beat the #1 team in the Nation in the final seconds of the game--a game in which many old timers said was THE BEST game they have ever seen. BC Renegades @ #2 Nationally vs. El Camino @ #1 and being the defending California State Champions last year. So who's laughing now? I can tell you it has been damn frustrating at times pursuing my passion for what I believe to be optimal health and wellness and the best way to fitness condition both athletes and corporate clients...but by God it's working. You have to BELIEVE. There is a spiritual strength that keeps a warrior getting up off the mat until they are dead. I'm not dead yet. I still believe in what I'm doing and how I do it. Thanks to everyone that has been with me over the years doing all my "crazy" exercise programs. People that don't know my programs and me laugh it off and don't give me a chance. So who's laughing now? Me. From the anaerobic threshold "Zone" in Cali this week, Coach RJ!

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