Friday, August 31, 2007

"Marketing" Health & 180

So I was flying home to Atlanta the other day working on my new Child Obesity Prevention Workshop I'm doing this fall in California. And of course, there was an obese guy sitting next to me. Now...I could have NOT pulled up my CDC Obesity Trends slide show and my presentation as to not offend him, but instead, I pulled it and made sure he saw it. Yo! It's called marketing HEALTH, and I do it anyway that I can!!! You can bet the people behind me were watching those slides too--absolutely incredible visuals if you haven't seen them. I just posted my Obesity Update slides on my can see them under my Handout section. I've got a really different way of thinking about things--THANK GOD! Because otherwise I'd be joining a whole generation of obesity and inactivity problems! Example: My lower back was really bothering me last week. My driving schedule was very intense in August. I felt like my back was hurting for two reasons. 1) I was driving a lot which is horrible for your back. 2) I have not been doing enough multi-planar strength training. I've been training--and hard. I'm doing my Dynamic Warm-Ups, bridging, heavy strength sets, and more bicycling, but I realized (thanks to my back pain) that I pulled too much of the twisting and turning out of my program. Now, most people do less when their backs hurt--WRONG! That's one of the worst things you can do for a back ache! Spinning 180 degrees from the herd, I attacked the multi-planar in my gym last night ripping on some tubing chops, medicine ball throws, bike crunches, etc. to jump start my rotational back strength again...and guess what?! My back hardly hurts at all today! DAAA! Want less pain in your back? MOVE! Going diagonal and fighting child obesity in Atlanta this week, Coach RJ!

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