Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Yo! Back in the Saddle!

Skidding back into my blog at the speed of sound! I switched my blog address recently. I originally had two blogs. One was supposed to be more corporate--Coach RJ. The other was more me with the more direct approach--Ragin' RJ. I like the Coach RJ title better and never used the corporate blog site because it was too boring, so I just went to the Coach RJ as the only and primary blog. The Ragin' RJ stuff is still there though @
So much to say! Every single day I make an observation about wellness, fitness, and health. I need to write these up more! Yesterday, I was cleaning my gym in Atlanta getting ready for a meeting with some Georgia Wellcoaches. Under one of my weights was a large lizard. I was chasing the lizard around the gym trying to get it to run out the door back outside. Have you ever herded a lizard before? It was an interesting experience! I kept thinking this thing must be a mosquito eating machine! I thought about leaving it in the gym for eco-friendly pest control, but decided to herd it outside since the family might not appreciate the lizard as much as I did. Cool lizard though...really smooth skin with stripes all the way down. It looked FAST even thought it was not moving faster than I could herd.
It's been HOT in Atlanta! Punching about 100 degrees with high humidity. I rode at Stone Mountain Park two days ago for about 1:15. It drained me. I didn't even start riding until 7:00 PM! I like it though. Sweat is good. The air has not been good, but even on a "bad" air day in my part of Atlanta, it's way better than what I have been used to in California.
From the ATL in Southern Sweat...Coach RJ

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