Thursday, August 9, 2007

Heat and Comfort

Whew! The heat index in Atlanta is around 105-115 this week! Last night we went out for a veggie pizza. The restaurant's air conditioning was broken! I think I lost half the calories of the pizza before leaving in sweat! Interestingly, and a nice comment on Southern Culture, not one person seemed to be complaining about the broken AC. In California, people would have been bitching, griping, stomping out, not paying! Here, people just deal without being rude. I like that. It was hot. So what. Sweating is good for your health anyway! The universe provided a small lesson last night...we seem so "addicted to comfort" as my friend Steve Ilg would say...on the grand scheme of things, not having AC at dinner is not a big deal and not worth stressing out over. In sweat, Coach RJ

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