Sunday, August 26, 2007

Culture of Crap! What Legacy?

I was eating the best veggie omelet on the planet at the historic Paso Robles Inn amidst the Central California wine country getting ready to head back to LA when a father walked through the parking lot this morning smoking a cigarette in front of his little boy. They came inside and he ordered a coffee to go. He put SEVEN half & half creamers into one medium cup of Joe. In comparison, I would have used about 1/3 of the creamer just to add a slight flavor without getting carried away on fat calories. I couldn't help but think what a shitty example this is to the kid. If you want your kids to have a fighting chance in life with health, you can't teach them the Culture of Crap i.e. The American Way I'm ashamed to say. Soaring obesity, plummeting health, and adults still don't get it. And the worst part is that their kids are being given a death sentence of ILLness instead of a legacy of WELLness. Simply amazing...I hope the little kid makes it out alive. Health is all good. Try it. You might like it! Namaste'...Coach RJ

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