Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Well, I've got horrible news y'all. I've been getting some quotes on custom shirts and found out the major shirt manufactors will begin making 10x size shirts next year! They already have 6x which I was not even aware of. I saw a 6x at the shirt shop--IT WAS HUGE! I swear to God at times I feel like this is the beginning of the end for this country! And to follow the blog theme of the day, I was sitting at a bar eating my seafood salad last week before heading back to LA, and the bartender was telling everyone how his teen daughter had 35,000 text messages on her phone account in ONE MONTH! Then! I got back to LA and was watching the local news and they were talking about a new $70,000 TV that requires partial dismantling of the house in order to make room for the screen and crane required to set it inside. Gee...do you think there is a coorelation here?!!! 10x shirts, tens of thousands of text messages a month while sitting on one's fat ass, and TVs so big they require a crane! As I write this message, the LA news is reporting behind me about high blood pressure problems with today's American teenagers. So you tell me...is it the beginning or the end? I'm afraid to know the answer. From Supersized LA this week, Coach RJ

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