Friday, October 12, 2007

Are We Really This Stupid? YES!

So, I'm watching the Today Show this morning when Tyson comes on with their newest product ads for "Any'Tizers" snack crap--and I do mean CRAP! They've got these three teen boys hypnotized on video games when the loving Mom comes in and plops down some of these nasty fried processed globs that to me resemble a large cat turd rolled in the cat box a few weeks! Of course, none of the kids were obese, so we know right there this is not reality in the true America today. Let's think about this! The name and slogans imply to eat these things "any time" desired. They state on their website, "...There is no limit to the amount of fun" for eating, blah... How about no limits to the amount of obesity and illness! That's a concept! If you're stupid, you'll believe this slick marketing and waste your money feeding crap to your kids. If you're smart, you'll intellectually THINK about what they are trying to get you to believe--that eating these things often for snacks is perfectly okay for your kids and family. I wouldn't feed these things to my dog let alone anyone I loved in my family! Give me a friggin' break...I cease to be amazed at what is going on in this country. Daily child obesity warnings in the media then in the same hour of viewing ads for feeding horrible food to your kids. Get a clue! Give your kids health and fitness--now that IS fun without limits! From the front and keepin' it real, Coach RJ

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