Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Eruption...The Perfect Storm

There are sickening sounds to death and mayhem...the thud of crashing cars followed by silence then screams, the sounds of bodies hitting the ground after people jumped from the Twin Towers on 911, and last night for me while photographing the SoCal fires in Santa Clarita via mountain bike access was the sickening and hollowing sounds of people's homes and cars exploding into flames...much of their lives exploding as well. Thankfully, no one was killed here last night...amazing when you think about it. The Fire Fighters are kicking some serious ass...you can't even imagine unless you are seeing it personally just how immense these fires have become. If hell is like this, you don't want to be there! Nearly everywhere I looked last night from the top of the mall parking structure, I could see flames and smoke, then after I got back yet another fire erupted near where I took last night's photos. Things seem to be settling down in my area today. Fires are moving West towards Oxnard and Ventura...we'll see...one thing is for sure...you can't really say anyone here is out of danger yet with these kinds of fires and winds...from the fires...Coach RJ

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