Friday, October 5, 2007


Just rolled in from Vegas last weekend where I attended the 2007 Mr. Olympia Body Building Championships. It's funny, but I've only been to Vegas three times, and all three visits were for fitness related activities! What a crazy juxtaposition when you have thousands of fitness people next to obese, drinkin', smokin', and gamblin' mofos! Funny in a way. Second hand smoke aside, I had fun in Vegas at the events. Met some really nice people--even though their biceps were bigger than Coach RJ's thighs! :o) Doing my post-Vegas workout at gym last night in LA. Two little kids 4 and 5 were there with their Daddy. The little girl was running all over the gym like a wild woman! She watched me like a hawk as I did my warm up and got into my Spinning bike workout. They came over and started doing yoga and stuff. I finally asked them what they were up to. They were doing "gymnastics." Then they wanted to show me ALL of their moves! It was really cute. I enjoyed their gymnastics show. Quite fit and VERY excited about exercise and activity for little people. I thought how cool. They are being raised as physical culturist--to value and respect physical activity and fitness just like my twins Ronnie and Cade. There are two choices as I see it--raise your kids to be the next sloth at Vegas gambling on their fat asses or raise your kids to be healthy and physically active. If you do not make an ASSERTIVE and AGGRESSIVE effort to raise your kids for health, the Fat Food Nation will take over the job for you! Don't be passive...kick some serious ass for health and your kids! In Proactive Health--ALWAYS! Coach RJ

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