Sunday, July 13, 2008

Battle of Atlanta...Where's Our Passion?

I was hanging out at Inman Park in Atlanta the other day. While twins Ronnie and Cade played on the climbing equipment, I ripped through a 30 minute body weight workout using a superset of elevated rear foot box lunges to decline push ups. The playground wall was great for getting the foot elevation and decline position. 20 lunges per leg then 20 push ups then repeat for a total of 200 lunges and 100 push ups. Then we walked around and visited with dog people and explored what is one of Atlanta's coolest historic neighborhoods.

I found a sign which explained the history of Inman Park. It was actually the site of the Battle of Atlanta during the Civil War. In one hot Southern July day, 9,000 men died in battle. I was awestruck. We were on hollowed ground...major chi rush followed. It made me think--people die for their passion and what they believe in. I don't think we have the right passion anymore in America. We are passionate about getting the newest iPhone or Xbox to point of killing someone over it, yet few really stand up for what is truly important like saving what is left of our country! Military is fighting doing their part. I'm fighting the health wars doing my part. Others are getting it on too--no disrespect to them. However, there are far too many people with jacked up priorities and completely lame in their way of thinking.

Speaking of lame, I saw two teens walking the other day. Both were holding their crotches because their damn pants were so loose they would fall down around ankles if not held up. What morons decided that wearing pants around the bottom third of your ass was cool? Whoever it was is making millions--that is jacked up! Pull your pants over your ass after you pull your head out--then fight for something worth fighting for y'all. Deep in the South today, Coach RJ

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