Saturday, July 26, 2008

New KB Snatch PR!

So I'm in Paso Robles, CA this week. I set up some work friends on the kettlebells this morning. At the end, I tried a new PR on the SSST (Secret Service Snatch Test). I'm still using the 18kg for my SSST. I can snatch the 24kg but only 5-10 reps per side then I'm done. My SSST is hitting five minutes. I was at 117 reps in 5:00 last attempt. I hit 125 reps in 5:00 this morning. Now I'm on pace to expand the duration and push for 200 reps in 10:00. All the people agreed this morning--the KBs are the REAL deal! Kevin said I feel DIFFERENT! I agree. You do feel different--better! Albeit somewhat wasted at the end of a SSST but in a good sort of way. I love the intensity of the kettlebells. People that are not using don't have a clue about what they are all about. They are not stupid. They are not like dumbbells. They are unlike any other thing I have tried in fitness. KBs are high intensity primal training at its best. Swingin' HARD style today, Coach RJ!

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