Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kettlebell Chemical Reaction

Today Luke (one of the FEW workouts partners I've had in my whole life because he can kick ass!) and I worked on KBs for 1.5 hours. I set him up on the basics. We felt the difference between other lifts and the KBs. There is a lot that goes on with KBs chemically that I didn't feel with other workouts. More HGH response. More EPOC. More testosterone. More fitness in less time. I FEEL DIFFERENT working with the kettlebells than with other types of strength conditioning. They've given me my edge back--the edge I had when I was racing at an elite level. On days when I'm throwing KBs, I have a different attitude. I was the MidState Fair tonight after our workout. Some people got rude. I thought...F this! I'm outta here! I don't tolerate bullshit when I throwing kettlebells. My mind is sharper. I'm more dangerous. I like it. Intense on Cali's Central Coast today, Coach RJ!

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