Friday, February 13, 2009

HardCore360 Interview with Rusty Smith

Just wrapped up The Lean Berets Radio Show interview with Dr. Rusty Smith of HardCore 360 Gym in Santa Barbara, CA. One of the most incredible nights of my friggin' life Comrades! This guys kicks serious ass! What a healer man. A literal Shaman to me and a person that changed my life in just MINUTES a few weeks ago after a kettlebell workout with RKC Doug Nepodal.

I'm SO fired up! I'm more and more convinced by the second that the time for strength is NOW and the time for waiting and putting up with bullshit that doesn't matter is OVER! God speed to Rusty and HardCore 360 in the weeks to come. If you like it straight up, check out the interview link below with The Lean Berets-Avengers of Health!

From a wet SoCal finally...In Stength until I die, Coach RJ!

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