Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Workout During Commercials

I've told a lot of you the last year about a little playful deal I do each year watching the Super Bowl pre-game coverage. I do simple exercises the last hour during commercials as a reminder of what can be done during "idle" time. I still watch the commercials. It's an old Jack LaLanne type of thing, but it does make a point of what we "can" do if we are a bit creative. A client last week told me she lost weight just marching in place in front of the TV--that's it! No equipment or expensive gym membership required--JUST MOVE!

I decided to focus on max reps this year and kept it to just one exercise--the Prisoner Squat. In years past, I have done combinations of DB bicep curls, various push ups like Military, Split, Cobra, Arnold DB Presses, etc.

I was tracking elapsed time this year since one of you asked me about this the other week (30X30 concerns!), but forgot to turn off my watch once. I'm guessing total commercial time was about 15 minutes out of 60. I normally do the last hour right before the game but had to start "two hours" before game time this year then relaxed the last hour before the kickoff because I was getting too hungry. My wife's homemade pizza and my cold beers were waiting!!! I did not eat a proper lunch earlier!
The Workout:
  • 6 Sets. Reps depended upon total commercial time available. The sets were: 100, 120, 140, 120, 130, and 130. Clean form--deep squats! No bad reps allowed!
  • Total Reps in one hour of commercials=740.

Not bad for what is usually arse time! I did a hard KB clean and press workout earlier that day for about 30 minutes to keep up with KB progressions too. Enjoy!

*So what is a Prisoner Squat? Check them out here then rip off a few hundred. Let me know how it goes.

In Fitness and SWEAT, Coach RJ!

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