Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Creative Writing

I need to write more. I don't need to write more business e-mails--I'm talking about creative writing with some style. I really don't care if anyone reads these posts because I need to practice--use it or lose it even with writing. One of my degrees is in English Literature. I've probably forgotten more than I know at this point; however, there is no time like the present to start getting it back!
I started thinking about good writing the other week after reading Dave Draper's newsletter. Dave Draper is a legendary guy in fitness and body building. What's really interesting about Dave is that he not only knows a lot about fitness and health--but he is one hell of a great writer and philosopher of sorts. He has a great reflective and creative style. Good writing makes you THINK and dig deep about things of substance. Good writing goes beyond TMZ crap and the latest junk food for the mind...we need more good writing.
It bothers me the way people write today. It's not that I'm a grammar king--far from it, but at least I can compose a decent sentence, paragraph, article, and commincate so people can actually understand what the hell I'm saying. I've "attempted" to read and comprehend business messages from college graduates--some of which have been extremely difficult to understand because they are so poorly written. I've seen grammar school kids that spell better than some adults today. It's unacceptable. People write e-mails or even business communications like a stupid text message--here's a tip for the youngsters--it makes you look stupid. If you keep lowering the bar and thinking it doesn't matter, we'll become a nation of moronic idiots...not that far from it at the present.
Enough rants on grammar and spelling (before I make my own mistakes).
Some of the most pleasurable writing I have done was creative writing. Sure--I love the science handouts I create, but they are nothing like a good creative piece or even an inspired interview. One of my somewhat recent stories was on "The Gym" in Ventura, California. I wrote a story about The Gym's founder Dan Mackey a couple years ago after his passing. It was a good piece--one with some historical value but also some creative flair. I think Dan would have liked it. Dan reminds me of Dave Draper--I only got to speak with Dan a couple of times before he died, but that guy was a real philosopher too--way beyond just the "business" of fitness and health. Check out my story if you want some real inspiration--not from me, but from Dan.
Enough writing tonight--not perfect grammar because it's "creative." When you know a few rules--you can break them too.
Tempus fugit, RJ

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