Sunday, December 5, 2010

More Writing...

I need to write for the sake and joy of writing again today. I have no idea what to write about, but I'll put e-pen to e-paper...

My friend Q contacted me the other day. His shoulder hurt. I shot a quick video and sent it to him. He tried the moves in the library and felt better. It's a good start and beats the surgery his doctors were talking about. A lady saw him doing the shoulder mobility exercises and was asking him if it would help her arthritis too. First step? Be OPEN to change! Say what? Heal yourself.

My buddy Kevin Rail was watching the news the other day. They were talking about these bogus lap-band surgeries so many people are buying into these days. Most of them have complications--30% of them are removed because they don't work. Outrageous! Within 24 hours I found that a government panel which included bariatric surgeons decided in their infinite clinical wisdom to open these procedures up for the "less than" morbidly obese--basically meaning it will be easier for people to get these instead of dealing with their own obesity the natural way...EAT LESS!!!

I took the Turbos on a new hike today. They had fun. It was an adventure for them. The trail had a few drop offs--little more technical and less monkey business required (difficult indeed for daughter Ronnie who thinks she IS a monkey!). They did well. No chopper evacuations required today thank God. I took some nice photos of them. They are hiking machines! NO lap-bands needed with these kids in the near future. They were quiet and tired in the car on the way home which lasted about 15 minutes then they were Turbos again ready to go. The energy of these seven-year olds cease to amaze me.

My office is a mess. I need to clean. Cleaning gives me some order. The office can be a daunting task, yet it must be done. I love a clean car! It gives me some sense of organization--it feels good to roll the clean wheels. Maybe it's a SoCal thing? My wife is from the midwest. She doesn't get the clean car thing. Cars to her are for transportation. Cars in LA are your ride man! Not that I get too carried away with the whole car thing, but it is part of my culture being from the Left Coast in SoCal.

Tempus fugit, RJ


Kathryn T said...

Do you sell the footlog outside the USA? I have plantar fascitis and have just been looking around the internet after podiatrist inner sole hasn't worked. Stretching and foot massage is helping already! There is this man on youtube who models a foot massage and he certainly has something there. I just wondered though about the footlog. I can only use a tennis ball and it doesn't have the same effect I think?

Coach RJ said...

Go to and they will ship internationally. There is nothing out there like the FootLog. If you have PF pain, do your foot a favor--get the FootLog and The Stick I recommend on my PF webpage. Check out this section by going to my "Exercise Library" tab on left border at

Good luck! In foot fitness, RJ