Saturday, January 8, 2011

30X30: Day 7

This is my 7th day of The Lean Berets 30X30 Challenge!

Time:  30 minutes plus...

Exercise: Meditation breathing, joint mobility, Indian Clubs, kettlebell V02 Max Protocol (15:15)

Comments: I had to watch the Turbo Twins for two days without my wife, so I was a little limited  today on what I could do but still got after some KB attack in Mancave. Did the V02 for 15 minutes only--working my way back into the harder stuff right now so didn't want to get carried away. Rounded out the day with various joint mobility stuff and continued by 3:00 of meditation breathing in morning and 2:00 at night right before going to bed. Continuing to feel better on the cardio end. I feel like I'm making ground again.

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