Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Lean Berets 30X30 Challenge: Day 21

Mood: 3 if that...

Workout: Slow walk in cold rain

Total Time: 30 minutes

Comments: What goes up--comes crashing down. Today was not a good day for me. Way too stressful. Trying to get tax stuff organized I didn't even know was due in a few days...five years on the road working out of state has come full circle in the form of crushing stress. I became overwhelmed and went for a walk in the rain storm--fortunately I could at least find my wax sealed hiking hat in all this moving box mess around here! The walk took the edge off my anger and kept me from totally imploding--barely. This was another example of how I think some very SIMPLE exercise has kept me alive. The crap is still staring me in the face, but at least I mellowed out enough to survive another day. It's 11:30 PM. I just finished the tax filing I can stomach for one day. Tomorrow more filing...and another 30 minutes of exercise!

Making it Happen, -Coach RJ

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