Sunday, January 11, 2009

30X30: Day 10

Mood: 8-9
Workout: A mind-blowing kettlebell interval workout! Yet another PR. So far, 2009 has started with a serious BANG regarding strength and power Comrades! All KB exercises performed today with a 16kg.
  • DWU
  • Deadlifts 10x1
  • 2-Arm Swings 20x1
  • VO2 Max Protocol (15:15)
  • SSST (5:00)
  • My friend and colleague Tyler Saso came down today to help me organize a new kettlebell conditioning program for our collegiate football project which starts in a couple of weeks. Tyler's great and gets me pumped to get it on. We get BUSY when we throw down with KBs!!!
  • 40 minute kettlebell interval workout today. For 35 minutes straight, I did 7-8 reps per 15 second set with the overhead snatch, rested 15 seconds, then did another 7-8 snatch reps with other arm, rest, repeat, etc. The last 5:00 from 35:00-40:00 was non-stop snatches without any rest period. I got 111 snatches the last 5:00. I was getting 8 reps about 80% of the time and 7 reps about 20%. FELT GREAT! 40 minutes of KB intervals? NO problem.
Total Time: 55 minutes
Comments: I simply cannot believe the kettlebell at times. My progress just since New Year's has been nothing short of amazing! The key to my KB progress is my mentors--and my work ethic. I've had a history as an athlete and student finding the BEST people I can find--then learning from them. I get the facts--and do what I'm told. I do the work--after I find out what I need to work on. My KB mentors are no exceptions. Without them, I would have been hurt, or at the minimum, would be flopping around with inefficiency. It's extremely important with KBs to have "HARD STYLE" because this is SAFETY first and high-efficiency without exception. Enjoy...Coach RJ!

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