Sunday, January 25, 2009

30X30: Day 25

Mood: 7-8 and fading a bit which is a pretty good mood...just really tired...
Workout: Threw down at Kettlebells Los Angeles Sunday Morning Line Up--basically where you'll find Coach RJ every Sunday if I'm in California. Worked on swings today, snatches, some viking push presses, and finished whipping through two laps of the circuit training...Dr. Cheng's idea of Sunday morning bliss...
Total Time: Over an hour
Comments: I love the Sunday Line Ups. Really tired today after the self defense workshop--as to be expected. My hands are still sore after all the punching and pummeling...and I ripped part of my callus off plus dropped the damn KB after Dr. Cheng said DO NOT DROP the KB! Oh well...I'm alive and well even though beaten up a bit today. Enjoy! Coach RJ

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