Friday, January 23, 2009

30X30: Day 22

Mood: 5 with increasing strength!
Workout: Hit a few demo and practice reps this morning with my people--body weight stuff. Tonight, my DWU plus other extras for kettlebell exercise prep. 2:00 of 2-Arm swings with 24kg kettlebell. 200 snatch reps with 24kg kettlebell using "Minute Sets" protocol of getting 5 reps per arm at the top of each minute, rest, then repeat. Was ripping the 10 snatches in about 20-25 seconds which gave me 35 seconds of rest. Finished with two Turkish Get Ups per arm using 24kg. ALL exercises performed in RKC "HARD" style...Enjoy the Pain!
Total Time: 40+ minutes
Comments: More life crap hit today...sometimes it seems to never end! Enough was enough. Time to throw down HARD STYLE! KBs have this "brain sweep" effect like defragmenting a computer. You sweep out all the BS, get things back in order, and get back to work. There is also something cleansing about pain and HARD exertion. Lots of chemical reactions going on here with human growth hormone, endorphins, etc. I definitely felt better and had more of my warrior spirit back that "briefly" faded in and out the last couple of days--even though the BS was still waiting for me when I got back from the gym (raining today so could not do KBs at park which is my preference).
People that have not known me over the years see me fade away briefly and think I'm dead or done. NOT. I'm just rebuilding and recreating myself. The KBs have been great for this! Transformation stuff. Cleansing with HARD work and NO EXCUSES. In HARD style, Coach RJ!

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