Tuesday, January 13, 2009

30X30: Day 13

Mood: *9!
Workout: DWU, 5 reps on each arm of 16kg kettlebell military press, ran down to soccer park, ran eight 75 yard build up wind sprints, ran back to humble abode.
Total Time: 35 minutes...maybe a little more...
Comments: For the record, I'm treating myself to some chocolate truffles as I write this! I'm up to five...so far...
I got busy again and pushed back my workout. I wanted to workout in the day but ended up running in the dark along the bike path to soccer park. Whatever...the main thing is that I do it no matter what time. Nice warm weather tonight. Literally ran into someone on the path. He was wearing total black and I simply could not see him--in a fraction of a second, he was in my face. Thank God for the kettlebells and shoulder stability because otherwise I would have face planted against his! Limited KBs today. I'm sort of sore. Major KB throwdowns the last week Comrades! Back to the Heavy Metal tomorrow, but today, and warm cruise along the path was nice. Not as winded with the wind sprints...must have been those 657 KB snatches I did last Saturday!
*I've been helping someone in the military stationed in Iraq. Some of the military over there use my website. Interestingly, this has really motivated me to become sharper, more focused, and have more positive energy. She needs some help losing weight so she can pass her upcoming fitness test. I am happy to serve. It's an honor. I'm thankful she wrote me...let's see where it leads! Optimistic today, Coach RJ!

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