Thursday, January 29, 2009

30X30: Day 28

Mood: 4-8...shift happens!!!
Workout: Slow reflective walk around apartment complex
Total Time: 35 minutes
Comments: What a day...what a month! This has been the best month I've had as a Wellcoach...with some of the biggest challenges and gut checks too. Some of the best things this month have been the result of my corporate clients changing through this 30X30 Challenge. They busted ass. They eliminated BS excuses. THEY WORKED!!! And they changed!!!
Today was high STRESS. I could feel my skin burning, nausea, fatigue. My body was off today--but my spirit STRONG. Alas, I headed 1.5 hours to LA County after work. Got to my apartment and realized I left my laptop. Got right back in the car, drove another 2.5 hours round trip to fetch and retrieve my laptop, arrived back home at 11:15 in the dark and cool breeze...and still needed my 30 minutes! This has been my closest call in over two years. I finished my workout at 11:50 PM. I was prepared to stop along the mountain pass and walk up and down the freeway if I was in danger of not getting back by 11:25...cut it pretty close tonight.
Like I said yesterday, if people need to workout, they will. NO BS. Just blue collar work ethic. You'll have to kill me to stop me. I'm a warrior. I'm fine dying for the cause if it's a death of honor. I'll take it either for the cause or dying for the cause...and for the record, it's really not about "my" cause, it's about "THE" cause which is saving what is left of this country. My mentor is Jack LaLanne. Want to understand Coach RJ? Study Jack LaLanne. He's done all sorts of feats in his career to raise awareness for THE cause. People that did not understand him (and me) pop off that it's personal ego. Bullshit! We market ourselves for the higher purpose. I'm just a temporary steward of the energy that flows through me. The energy was not created by me nor will it be destroyed. I'm just here today for a brief moment in time to take it to the highest level of good. My passionate life dedicated to fitness and health is better than dying on the couch eating junk food. Give me fitness or give me death! Coach RJ

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Ron Sr said...

Hey son,
Glad you made it for the day. You could have came by here and I would have walked at night with you.Then you could have gotten a good nights sleep. Proud of all you are doing for the US of A health problem. Remember what that ol sage Hank used to say: "Keep your chin up."Hang in there and have a safe trip. Your Mom and I are very proud of all you are doing for our country's health needs. Love Dad