Thursday, January 8, 2009

30X30: Day 7-ONE WEEK!

This is my 7th day of The Lean Berets 30X30 NO EXCUSES Challenge. One week down--three more to go!
Mood: 7-8. I have been completely inspired by my corporate clients passion to change with the 30X30 Challenge. Tonight, I took their energy into my own workout and gave it back to them.
Workout: 24kg kettlebell workout tonight which is 53 pounds of solid iron. 10 minutes of warm up. 10 deadlifts. 2:00 of two-arm swings. 200 snatch reps using "Minute Sets" which is doing 5 reps with each arm on the top of each minute then resting until the next minute begins, repeat, etc. I did 20 minutes of this so 20x10=200 reps. 200x53 pounds=10,600 pounds of single arm vertical pull...not a bad night for a guy 49 years old YOUNG. I was not going to do this much work, but needed to kick out some "chi hits" back through the universe to my clients...I bow to their determination to make it happen.
Total Workout Time: 50 minutes
Comments: I was sort of stunned somewhat driving back in the dark from work. I think this has been the most intense week of Wellcoaching that I have had in over a year. It's intense when people are fighting for their lives back. The stakes are high. There is urgency. I have been so moved by what I have felt from these people...there have been tears, laughs, and some serious gut checks going on. I was done with "foo foo" fitness a long time ago. This is for real. We are playing for keeps now. The luxury of time and waiting are OVER--in America and with many of my 30X30 clients. Major throw downs are they should be.
I don't manage time anymore--I manage energy. I work along lines of energy...following the flow. This week, these brave souls have come for help with positive energy to change. I flipped the power switch and gave the positive energy back. Like attracted to like. Fitness warriors of all shapes, sizes, and levels of ability. What is important to me is that they are ready for CHANGE and ACTION. NO BS. This is where I am at my best with people. Getting it on. Making it happen. NOT waiting anymore for further decay and disease. Stay the course my fitness friends. I'll see y'all on the other side. Encouraged in Cali today, Coach RJ!

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