Tuesday, January 6, 2009

30X30: Day 6

Mood: 7. I was sort of funky after another frenzied day of e-mails. Anticipating another cold wind day thinking I'd banish myself to the indoor Spin bike tonight, I went out and it was almost warm like spring. I had to throw down--OUTSIDE!
Workout: My DWU + ran down to soccer park. Did 8 build up wind sprints about 80 yards each, ran back at easier pace. Walked the last couple hundred yards to relax.
Total Time: 35 minutes
Comments: I often tell my clients and readers that exercising outside is "ecotherapy." Research indicates that if you do identical workouts, one inside and one outside, that you'll be in a significantly better mood if you exercise outside. Today was great in Santa Clarita Valley which is in North Los Angeles County. Clean air. Sunshine. Felt around 60 degrees. A great day to be alive and running down the trail!
The wind sprints are always interesting--especially at 40+ years old. VERY few people my age can "sprint" a few feet let alone hundreds of yards. It is so child-like and invigorating to sprint. It really is a great feeling. I love the "build up" sprints because they flow into the sprint then taper out. I build up speed for 20-30, sprint for 20, then taper off. Walk a few yards then right before I feel totally recovered hit it again. It's just a wonderful feeling of youth to sprint. More people should get in good enough shape to do it. I've never been a fast twitch real "sprint" person, but I can still pick it up and throw it down okay.
I ran with my iPod shuffle attached to my visor. I love this thing. It has enhanced my mood and workouts a lot. I don't always use it, but I really enjoy music. Music can be a good mood tool. My tuneage? Heavy. Speed metal. Go figure.
As I finished to a setting SoCal sun, I know I'm still getting better, faster, and stronger each week. Completely opposite to about 80% of Americans...or more. It doesn't have to be that way. To each their own. THEY decide. YOU decide. Whatever YOUR choice and your health path...pain or pleasure...Enjoy! Coach RJ

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