Monday, January 5, 2009

30X30: Day 4

Mood=5-6. I'm sad today yet enthusiastic about all the plans in 2009 and all the people I will be helping to get healthy and fit. My family is upset because I'm on the road. But alas, it would not get any better by not working out, so I proceed to work out my "mood therapy" with movement because this is what I do. Traveling is hard. I'm rarely in a "great" mood flying across the country with all its hassles...I just get through it.
Workout: I did my DWU in the morning before heading to the airport just to loosen up before a LONG day of sitting back to LAX. After a slightly longer flight, got back to apartment and dumped off baggage, hit my favorite grill for veggie and chicken pasta, then hit the bike path in a brisk and cool wind to walk for 30 minutes at a normal/casual pace. I was really tired...dizzy from the long travel and all the hassles of airports and traffic. A walk was plenty. I did not want to do it. I wanted to go to sleep--but I FORCED the fitness and felt glad I did.
Total Time=35 minutes.
Sleepy in SoCal, Coach RJ

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