Wednesday, January 21, 2009

30X30: Day 20

Mood: 4-5...really tired and irritated
Workout: Walk around office slowly with co-worker
Total Time: 30 minutes
Comments: Life...another body slam today out of no where. Sometimes I feel like the Rocky movies when Rocky's in the corner all bloody and trying to stagger back out into the ring ready to die for the cause. I'm okay with long as it's with honor doing what I do.
An interesting day today because I had planned to thrown down HARD with the kettlebell to shock myself back into a more lively state, but I had forgotten about buying a ticket to see country music legend George Jones. This is really funny because I'm a heavy metal guy and don't know ANY of his songs! I know this--he's a survivor. He lived through a lot of crap, and he's a master at his genre of music. It's good to see people like this I think...somehow they made it doing it their way.
Because I forgot about the show, I had no workout clothes with me since I was going to workout at home later, so all I could do was walk slowly and not get too sweaty. I threatened a co-worker into walking with me or else...which interestingly enough really needed to talk to me anyway. We both felt better after the walk. We blew off some steam together. The crap is still there, but at least we feel better about facing it tomorrow...Hangin', Coach RJ

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