Tuesday, January 27, 2009

30X30: Day 26

Mood: 6 which is solid and good but not great. 6 is a good baseline for me. With 6, I get solid engagement at work, feel good about my work and purpose, stay hopeful, and show gratitude. What I do is highly emotional at times--lives are at stake. I can't afford to be really "high" each day because it can take too much out of me after a while. If I'm too low and under 5 for extended periods, I lose too many people. So 6 is good. I have my really great days--but not every day. Saturday was a GREAT day. I'm still cycling down from that one I think...just normal biorhythm stuff in some ways...
Workout: Some KB demo reps this morning with my football guys then a slow walk after work tonight.
Total Time: 40+ minutes counting early morning demos and evening walk.
Comments: I wanted to run tonight--then bailed out. I'm tempted to say I got lazy, but after two straight years of working out without missing a single day, I am not lazy when it comes to working out. But I do get tired and especially towards the end of the month before I head home to Atlanta...tonight was one of those nights...it was cold. The wind was blowing. It was dark. I just walked. It was good. I'm glad I did it. Staying strong, Coach RJ!

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