Saturday, January 3, 2009

30X30: Day 3

Workout: Dynamic Warm-Up for 10 minutes. Strength training for 30 minutes. Used EZ Curl Bar for some old-school bicep curls supersetted with DB flat bench chest press. About four sets of each at moderate intensity. Not very heavy on EZ Curl. Used 55s and 65s for sets of 10 on chest press with relative ease. Did a few KB roll back then stand up things...whatever they are called. Did 5 reps on each side of KB arm bars for shoulder health. "Attempted" some crunches on floor but twins kept jumping all over me, so I abandoned that idea. Finished with a few more Z sits--I love these things for hip mobility and low back health! I rarely do any Olympic lifts anymore since getting into kettlebells. They are a waste of time compared to kettlebell training, but nonetheless, sometimes I'm just in the mood to do them. I have done this stuff for so long it's like comfort food at times albeit's all good I guess as long as you do whatever you do well...and you keep doing it!!!
Comments: Kind of funky today. SORE from two HARD days of KBs. I'm flying to California tomorrow, so I'm taking it easy, spending time with family, watching the Falcons in the playoffs...GO ATLANTA FALCONS!!! Saving some energy for the LONG journey tomorrow back to LA. That's about it today...more than enough to get my 30 minutes again! Yahoo! Day 3 down; 27 to go! Mellow in ATL, Coach RJ

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