Tuesday, January 6, 2009

30X30: Day 5

Mood: 6-7. I was encouraged today by all the great feedback coming from my corporate clients taking the 30X30 Challenge! They are doing so well and getting really creative about fitting in the fitness. I can feel them changing by the day. I think it's going to stick with them the rest of the year and they'll be exercising 5-6 days per week after January.
Workout: Did some circuit training with my corporate clients tonight. Worked on body weight exercises and kettlebells.
Total Time: About an hour I think...
Comments: I wanted to workout on my own earlier in the day but got into an e-mail frenzy with work stuff. I HATE working out late at night after I get home at 9-10 PM! So, I opted to workout with my work people. Sometimes I "train" them or "coach" them, but sometimes I just workout with them trading reps and sweat. I think this is good sometimes. I like to watch them do what they know how to do. That is the real capacity--people doing things on their own. Whether I am there or not, there is now a core group of exercise folks at work that WILL do what they need to do. This is encouraging. There is hope. And I hope this messages continues to grow like a pebble in the proverbial pond sending ripples (or sometimes WAVES) further and further away with more reach.
Staying FIT! Coach RJ

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