Monday, January 19, 2009

30X30: Day 19

Mood: 4-5 but not because I'm depressed...I'm just exhausted...
Workout: My DWU + all my kettlebell shoulder warm exercises too, Tabata body weight intervals for 3 rounds equalling 12 minutes of Prisoner Squat-Box Lunge-Prisoner Squat. Finished with 5 pull ups (4 good ones...I've slipped on these since Thanksgiving), and 10 16kg kettlebell military presses per side...then I took out the garbage, but that doesn't count!
Total Time: About 35 minutes
Comments: am I tired! The "work" of spiritual growth can take a lot out of a person while putting even more's a weird equation. A series of highs has to be followed by some lows...this is just a natural rhythm. I'm old enough now to know not to fight it...just go with the flow. I need more sleep. I'll do better with this the rest of the week.
This was NOT a throw down HARD style rip it up day for the feeble but fit Coach RJ! I'm doing good just to do something. I focused on simple and slow quality tonight. Good warm up movement patterns. Clean squats and lunges even though not super high rep. Even a slower body weight workout was HARD though.
I can't believe those Tabatas! My God! They cease to amaze me. After six minutes my legs were on fire--kettlebells be damned because the Tabatas still deliver a lethal punch when QUALITY is emphasized! Amazing. Body weight only.
Speaking of body weight...I needed to do my workout tonight in my little corporate apartment. I'm helping someone on deployment in the Middle East in our military. It's better for her to just do a workout in her living quarters. I'm organizing some workout ideas for her that take very little working space. Once again, if a person wants to workout--they will. You don't need much space or any equipment to get a great workout. Six minutes of Tabata intervals and my thighs were barking!!! So not a lot of zip tonight, but I got it done. 19 down. 11 to go. 30 is the goal. Let's stay the course...hang in there baby.
Tired tonight but happy to be doing what I do to help people be WELL...Coach RJ

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