Sunday, January 25, 2009

30X30: Day 23

Mood: 6-7
Workout: Did some KB demos for my football players early this morning to start the day the RIGHT way. Threw down with kettlebells in Jim Marchesini's garage tonight. Started with snatches using V02 Max 15:15 Protocol for 20:00 then did some clean and press sets standing, kneeling in-line press sets, and let Jim try the "over speed" swings...KILLERS! Enjoy!
Total Time: 40 minutes or so not counting the BSing...
Comments: Jim's 50th birthday is tomorrow. I helped him prepare by partnering up for some pre-party HARD style! What a way to celebrate 50 years on the planet--with a kettlebell. Finished by having a couple of beers, salad, and watching Pavel's Naked Warrior DVD...a classic heavy metal evening for sure. In Strength, Coach RJ!

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