Saturday, January 3, 2009

30X30: Day 2

Mood=7 to 8. Anytime I'm heading to Delaine Ross' Kettlebell gym in Atlanta, I'm in a great mood. Plus I love downtown Atlanta. It makes me happy. The coolest people are in downtown Atlanta. Very smart, educated, engaging. Enjoy!
Workout: In the 7PM class, we did 30 minutes straight of the KB VO2 Max Protocol using the 15:15 intervals. Prior to the workout, I did about 10 minutes of dynamic warm-up movements to get ready. Total workout time=40 minutes.
Comments: I was pretty fried by this evening prior to the workout. I've been really busy on my new Health e-News! Hours and hours at the computer...frantically trying to finish it before heading out on the road for another 3+ weeks is hard, but again, I really needed not only the activity for fitness but the release for stress. It is SO important to do something EVERY day because we all sit too much these days...myself included.
Quote of the Day: "Better to wear out than to rust out!" --Jack LaLanne
From a wet ATL today, Coach RJ!

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