Wednesday, January 21, 2009

30X30: Day 21

Mood: 4-5...exhausted by tonight after a great start this morning...reserves are way too low right now...
Workout: My DWU, a few push ups, demo of a KB 24kg snatch for a few reps, and a SLOW walk again...
Total Time: 35 minutes
Comments: Life again...up and down...I wish it would "just be" sometimes, but life is in constant flux which is the way it's going to be whether I like it or not. Another night of "planned" kettlebells, but I realized I did not have the correct attitude or energy to engage with the KBs tonight after barely being able to drive home. I'm exhausted. I collapsed into the recliner! I was so tired I didn't even want to move, or eat, or talk, or do anything. I dozed in and out for a couple of hours. Duty called! The 21st day of 30 more minutes. My God I did not want to go back out! But I did. And once again, I was glad I did it. I cleared my head a little.
I'm bummed that I have not done hardly any kettlebells all week since Sunday, but I'm still alive, so can't complain. Tomorrow is another day and another opportunity. After all this spiritual growth last week--I guess it was time to be tested! My head is spinning today as I come back around...still on my feet and coming out of the corner. I'm not in a war zone like some of my friends in Iraq. No one is shooting at me--yet at least. Things are quiet here tonight. Life is okay. I'm grateful for what I have--hope. Good night, Coach RJ

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