Friday, January 9, 2009

30X30: Day 8

Mood: 3 (if that!)
Workout: All I had today was a slow walk...barely. I got slammed with a bunch of personal stuff. Everyone has personal stuff days. This was another for me. Life is hard. I don't care who you are, how much money you have, or what your level of education. It is what it is. The rest is our attitude I think.
Total Time: 30:22!!! (.22 too long!)
Comments: So as life goes, I went from flying high to dive bombing. I did not feel like picking up the stupid kettlebell today (hands are still sore!), or riding my bike, or moping down to the gym, or doing much of anything first. But, as usual, I did it anyway. My "default" workout is just a slow walk. Easy pace--nothing more. Not even moderate. How Zen! From hard core kettlebells yesterday to slowly walking today...the yin-yang of soft-hard. When I do these default "minimum" days, I rarely go over 30 minutes. I did an about face turn around exactly at 15:00:00 today. I had nothing more...
Interestingly, after some 24+ months of daily exercise without missing a single day, something shifted today mentally. For the first time ever, I started looking forward to my walk because I knew it was going to be my "release" from the stressful BS of the day. While I knew that I would feel better after I did all the other workouts the last two years, I never really felt like doing them before like I did today. BEFORE I ever walked, "the thought of walking" changed my attitude. I had to run a couple of errands before my walk. I found myself pleasant and light to people. It would not be fair for me to displace "my crap" on them. I had not even walked yet, but the walk had already worked! What was weird is that after the physical walk, I did not feel any better than I had "before" the walk. Here's the closing point--my "feeling better" all occurred prior to the walk beginning.
I'm still trying to figure all this out. It's interesting. Even for me after 700+ straight days of exercise, "Shift Happens."
Feeling better and staying the course for the 30X30 Comrades! Coach RJ

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