Wednesday, January 14, 2009

30X30: Day 14

Mood: 9!
Workout: DWU twice (once at work and once at park before KBs) and kettlebells today. After warm ups, worked everything with the 24kg: 10x deadlifts, 3:00 two-arm swings (I hate this but did them anyway Dr. Cheng!), Military Press Ladders 1, 2, 3; 1, 2, 3; 1, 2, 3. TGUs in sets of 2, 2, 1 per side. Overhead lockout walkarounds for 30 yards one way. Went back and forth twice with each arm.
Total Time: About 45+ minutes I'm guessing. I forgot my watch.
My Fortune Cookie Today: "YOU ARE NEXT IN LINE FOR PROMOTION" I like this one!
Comments: Well...I had 7 truffles left. I was going to split them for tonight and tomorrow...but they are GONE!

Life is getting interesting. This wellness thing is getting popular at work and beyond! The 30X30 is really helping some of my corporate clients. I'm so pleased and proud of them. I've been making more friends in Iraq with our troops! Coach RJ has been called for duty! I am humbled to serve such brave warriors. It's an honor. More about this situation SOON!

Speaking of our military, I was not particularly zippy tonight when I went to the park. For a number of reasons, the last couple of days has been VERY emotional. I hardly slept last night. I was up until midnight working--then I couldn't sleep and had to get up at 4AM. I try to avoid that because it trashes my energy after a few days. the park tonight in the dark, I was sort of funky. I was looking at that 24kg KB dreading those swings Doc Cheng has me doing--I forced the fitness Comrades! After a couple of minutes of swinging that bad boy, the mood enhancement took over, or simply put, Enjoy the Pain! Then I started thinking that showing STRENGTH for the troops is the least that I could do that night. The "pain" of a little iron workout is nothing compared to war. Not sure if any of my Iraq friends will ever read this...but at some level they'll feel my workout tonight. Heavy metal strength--the way I like it, or don't like it, but I do it anyway. In HARD style kettlebells tonight, Coach RJ

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