Friday, January 30, 2009

30X30: Day 29

Mood: 5 and holding...
Workout: 30 minute yoga DVD + five 24kg kettlebell push presses on each arm just to work the groove.
Total Time: 35 minutes
Comments: Had to knock off my workout this morning before heading to the airport and home for Atlanta to check in with the family and the beloved cardinals--my FAVORITE birds!!! Slightly sore from the 200 snatch speed reps for the troops the other night...Enjoy the Pain!
Just one more day to complete this 30 day journey and journaling. How appropriate that today I'll be working out with my five year old twins Ronnie and Cade who have been waiting for weeks to "workout with Daddy." They have been practicing their kettlebell swings, pull ups, and push whatever else they create. Cade has even learned how to jump rope. The twins are part of the solution--not part of the problem. They can already kick adults' asses on a mountain hike--at age 5! Where's your pride adults?!!! My God!
Just read a news post today that 13% of surveyed Americans have diabetes. 40% undiagnosed...some 20 MILLION now have actual diabetes! This is pathetic...and weak. Check it out yourself.
As I traveled across the country from LAX to Atlanta's Hartsfield Jackson airport, I was making some quick assessments as America enters what might be the most challenging period of time ever...I was looking for two things. Victims or survivors. I saw hundreds of people overweight, obese, and that could barely walk--many of which younger than me. Victims! I saw a few people that could throw down if a terrorist stormed into the airport and we had minutes to kick ass and save lives--survivors! So...are you a victim or survivor?
Al Corsi wrote again today from the East Coast. This guy is a survivor. He works with young athletes teaching them more than sports--but health and wellness. Margaret Daniels up in Michigan is working with her staff at a university to get fitter and healthier. Kevin Rail is throwing down in PA despite the cold--he's still hot for health! My friends in Cali are working and sweating for change. My Dad at 70 can walk away on a trail hike from many people half his age! There is a spark of hope with people that are not afraid to step up and speak out. Like Dante once wrote, "From a small spark, Great flame has risen."
In Strength, Survival, and Raging Flames of Health, Coach RJ!

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