Thursday, January 1, 2009

30X30: Day 1

I'm taking The Lean Berets 30X30 New Year's Challenge again. I'll be doing an exercise blog for each of the 30 days to let you know what mind games I play with myself daily to force the fitness. Each day, I'll rank my mood from 0-10. 0=Almost Dead (hopefully that will not be listed!) to 10=Best Day of my Life!
What is interesting is that a lot of days my mood is only okay--not good enough to jump right into exercise, but again, I FORCE the fitness anyway! Travel schedule and jet lag be damned because without the daily exercise--I'm even worse off! So here it goes:
Day 1: Mood=Solid 7 today. I was pumped about The Lean Beret launch and was pounding my e-News until late last night.
  • I told a lot of people at work that I would hit 100 kettlebell snatch reps in a row with my 24kg KB to mark yet another PR. Well...I didn't get the 100 reps Comrades, but I did get 130 in around 8:00! The whole workout plus my warm up took around 18 minutes which meant I was still short 12 minutes!
  • I then took my wife and twins to Stone Mountain State Park outside of Atlanta. We go there often. It was chilly, clear, and sunny. We hike the summit trail. Round trip about 2.5 miles. It takes around an hour with the twins who are only five (but already leaving out of shape adults in their dust).
  • I exceed my 30 minutes today--no problem. Got my HARD CORE power PR with the kettlebell then the soft style family hike too. It was all good. Glad to be alive and helping y'all with simple solutions for complex issues facing Americans today.

Starting the New Year on DAY 1 with STRENGTH and POWER as it should be, Coach RJ!

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