Sunday, January 11, 2009

30X30: Day 11

Mood: 8-9
Workout: The Sunday Morning Line Up with Dr. Mark Cheng and Kettlebells Los Angeles.
Total Time: Over an hour, but we don't workout the whole time because Dr. Cheng is teaching. We listen--then execute--then listen--then execute. It's a perfect format. This is a group of people that WILL DO the work when no one else is looking next week. So the Sunday Line Up is not really about getting a "workout" as much as it is about learning how to do your workout later SAFELY without anyone else looking over your shoulders (shoulders with HARD STYLE lat lock I must add!!!). Today we worked on swings a lot, locking lats, and snatches with perfect form.
Comments: Any day with a bunch of RKC kettlebell Comrades is a good day and especially when down in Santa Monica with Dr. Cheng and KBLA. Today was great. Two of my friends came down with me--Jim Marchesini and Tyler Saso. Tyler and I were sore from yesterday's major KB throwdown and could feel the fatigue--but it's all good. There is never a day with KBLA when I don't bring major learning back to my family and clients. Great stuff. Y'all should join us!!!
From a Sunny & STRONG SoCal today, Coach RJ!

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