Monday, January 31, 2011

30X30 Challenge: 2011 Summary

This concludes my fifth year straight of doing The Lean Berets 30X30 Challenge starting on New Year's Day.  I have now exercised four years and one month straight for at least 30 minutes per day--that's 1490 days.  NO Excuses!

The hardest parts? Doing this daily blog post!!! Seriously, writing a daily post is a different kind of discipline. It is hard to do this day in and day out, but it is rewarding. Also--the breathing exercises! It's amazing how difficult it is to "just breathe" for five minutes and not think of anything but breathing...this needs much work, but I do think the breathing meditation REALLY helped me and my life. I plan to continue. Also, I'm still needing to ramp my cardio more too. This needs more work. I'm still not drinking enough water on some days. Much work to be done. It's a process as we say in corporate...

What I hope to accomplish with my 30X30 journals each year is for people to see that while it is not always easy to exercise daily--it's very important for overall health and well-being largely because we sit so much these days.  And in terms of "easy" regarding work, I'd much rather exercise than sit in a doctor's office or hospital wasting time and money. I also want people to see that MANY of my exercise sessions are not hard at all--they are actually very easy, but nonetheless, I do SOMETHING each and every day.

People undervalue the daily discipline part of exercise.  Even light exercise performed daily over years can have significant benefits.  The reason the "light" exercise works so well for me though is because I never let myself get out of control with weight gain--I just "maintain" for the most part with a couple of hard days per week and the rest light to moderate.

Results may vary, but DAILY exercise is the real deal and part of the solution for rebuilding our country.  Health--get some!

In MOVEment, Coach RJ

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