Sunday, January 9, 2011

30X30: Day 8

This is my 8th day of The Lean Berets 30X30 Challenge!

Time:  40 minutes

Exercise: Meditation breathing, joint mobility, Indian Clubs, HANGTUFF Inversion and back stretches, Spinning bike

Comments: I did some demos at work with burned a few minutes for me but still needed 20 minutes when I got home after work. The neighbors were in the garage watching the Jets game drinking wine. They asked me over, but I still needed 20 minutes to get my 30! So I said later then hopped on the bike and completed my goal--then went over for football and wine!

Weekly Goals: This marks my first week. I have hit my target goals to do 5 minutes per day of meditation breathing, at least 3 good cardio sessions per day, and increase my focus and quality of overall eating. I fell short on my drinking more water goal--I got too dehydrated on too many days. I will do better on this next week. I just need to get back to the basics with my diet--five a day, plenty of water, then also expand into more organics like I have been the last few months off and on.  So far, so good though. It's been a good start thanks for another 30X30 NO Excuses Challenge butt kicking!

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